Thursday, May 20, 2010

With A Dot Dot Here, And A Dot Dot There...

here a dot

there a dot

everywhere a dot,dot...

I am still obsessed with polka dots, and I don't seem to see an end to my infatuation coming anytime soon.

When I accidentally spotted how fabulously this trio of dots went together ~ another ensemble was born!

Wish me luck...I am entering one (or two) of these photos in The Glamourai's polka dot ensemble contest...

I know I have gushed about her here but she is my all time favorite girl crush after all.

I'd love to hear what photo (s) you think I should submit!

skirt,scarf,cami: limited

denim jacket: so old, who knows!

shoes: bandolino


  1. My favorite is the second to last photo! I love the mixing you did. It totally works! You'll be "spotted" as a top contender in the contest ;-)

  2. The second to last photo for sure! You look HOT! And I love all the subtle polka dots you're wearing here. I didn't even realize that your skirt was dotted!


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