Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Work And No Play...

Another full weekend of working for me.
C'est la vie....such is the life of the retail employee!
Speaking of which, I have a really big problem when it is super busy at work and people are just buying and spending and buying and spending.
It makes me want to buy something too.
Terrible, eh?
I bought this infinity scarf a few weeks ago.
It is an early fall arrival at work.
I snatched it up as it emerged from the carton it arrived in.
Then bought a lighter gray version.
As soon as it emerged from it's carton as well.
My outfit?
I actually haven't worn this button up tunic and pants since last summer.
And I was so comfortable today in this that I was actually wondering why it has been a year since I last wore this.
Maybe because I have way too much stuff?
tunic and pants: ny & co
necklace and scarf: express
heels: ferragamo

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  1. I just made a mental note to check Express for Infinity scarves!

    Sometimes I look in my closet and think, " now , why haven't I worn this lately?"!and then come to the conclusion same as yours- I have too much other stuff. Good reality check.

    Enjoy your Sunday!


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