Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blister In The Sun/A Tale Of Good Wedges

A dual title for 2 short stories all jam packed into one short blog post.
So yesterday I went to the beach right?
And to say I overdid it in the sun would perhaps be an understatement as seen in Exhibit A:

(Yes, those lobsterlike limbs do indeed belong to me and I have only one word to say about it.)
After all day sunbathing and the movie, today I feel wiped out and plain ole exhausted.
Unfortunately, I still had to make a Target run.
Errand running = getting dressed, so I made my bravest attempt at sliding clothing over my fiery skin and threw on shorts and a military style button up. Twisted my hair into a semi acceptable bun and slapped on a pair of wedges as seen in Exhibit B:

Which brings me to the 2nd half of this story, you know, about the wedges.
Since I began talking about implementing the shopping ban, I started thinking about anything I might need (well, not need, but decide in the midst of it all that I wanted) and realized I do not own a pair of black wedges.
As I walked back to my store one afternoon last week I passed Baker's shoes and decided to stop in.
Turns out the sales girl had just marked down this pair of wedges from $79.99 to $19.99.
Like I could say no to that?

shirt & shorts: ny&co
wedges: bakers


  1. OMG, Eleanor, your poor legs! Well - in a week you'll have an awesome tan.

    I think it is awesome you still are fashionable despite your discomfort - those wedges are killer.

  2. I don't think shopping bans include shoes, least of all wedges! LOL! I'm so sorry about your burn, but I also admire you for getting dressed properly. I probably would've just gone all sweaty and gross and seethed at anyone that looked at me funny :)

  3. Oh my lord. I feel your pain, as I've been there. I must give you some serious credit bc I know that even with shorts, you needed to get dressed carefully. Be careful when you shower, too!!

    But everyone will overlook the burn bc they'll be oohing and ahhhing over your awesome wedges! What a deal!

  4. Despite you pain you look incredible chic! Form and function. But keep the aloe near by and take some Tylonol. It helps I swear.


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