Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Easy Breezy

Summer should feel effortless.
The past few summers, I have vacationed in the Southern Outerbanks of NC in a quaint little place called Emerald Isle.
Last year, my mom and my aunt coined the phrase, "Easy Breezy" when referring to how our week should be.

Dressing in featherweight clothing like this lace top feels just that way.

Another pair of white chinos...truly a summer staple in my wardrobe as I own multiple pairs.
Not to mention white shorts, white bermudas, white skirts....

I love to simplify my jewelry in the summer as well.
Big hoops and stacks of bangles go with everything and give me that same feeling...
Easy Breezy....

lace top: express
chinos: jcrew
hoops: ?
bangles: ny&co and limited
aviators: ny&co
shoes: ferragamo


  1. I LOVE the lacy top! So sexy, summery and i'm sure very comfy. Perfect! And you look so cool in your aviators!

  2. Have been loving your photos lately. Especially the outdoor walkway. Very cool. May inspire me to start doing some personal style ones but I am still a
    little scared.

  3. You look great with the crisp white and black lace. I love white myself, but kind of have to stay away a bit. Pretty much me in white attracts all loose globs of condiments and errant dirt streaks.

  4. Daphne - Thanks! I love the look of the aviators, but it felt weird at first to be honest...I've always been a Jackie O glasses sort of gal!

    Sarah - I've seen pics of you and you are so gorgeous you shouldn't be scared at all! I love reading your blog by the way, and am so envious of Bubbles!

    Lisa - Wearing white like this keeps me on my toes all day long.
    And armed with a Tide stick.
    Thanks for your sweet compliment!

  5. Okay, I grew up on Emerald Isle! Totally weird. I went there every summer. We had a...trailer. Classy, huh? But it was actually really fun. They sold our old campground and I think built some hotels where it used to be, but how funny that you go there now! I haven't been in about 6 years (my parents relocated to Harkers' Island), but I've been dying to go back!

    Love the lace top. I got one very similar from Urban Outfitters.



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