Thursday, June 24, 2010

Formulating The Plan

I have been thinking long and hard about a self imposed shopping ban after my recent realizations.
And the realization that I am out of hangers,closet space and rubbermaid tubs for out-of-season wares that need to be stored.

I have a full tub of clothing to be Ebay-ed.
And have donated twice to my favorite thrift store, being very careful not to repurchase anything I gave them myself!

Just kidding. I am not that bad!

The truth of the matter is that it would probably be pretty good for me not buy anything new until September 1st and take a break from single-handedly trying to revive this nations economy.

Because that is how I have justified all my excessive shopping for the past year and a half.
And I usually mention that as I swipe away with my debit card.

"Just trying to do my part for this great country!" I inform the sales clerks.

Or not.

But it sounds good, eh?

And besides, I don't want to get in trouble again.

The hubs and I have been doing a lot of work on our home since the late winter/early spring.
Usually we tackle 1 large home improvement project a year, but this year my father in law has been up visiting a lot from South Carolina, and we are lucky that he loves working on our home!
I already showed you the bathroom reno.

Then he and hubs finished our garage floor with some fancy kind of enamel paint looking stuff.
All I know is it made the hubs happy.

While I was in St.Louis in April I was emailing back and forth with the man who eventually came and did this:

Isn't it pretty?
The only other thing that could make me as happy as looking at my lovely walkway and steps would be to own a Hermes Kelly bag.
And I do believe that this whole project cost less than that handbag would.

And now Pops is here again yesterday and today installing a new storm door and front door combo.

Thus my need to "pump the brakes" as my friend Pamela would say.

So that is where we are.
And I'm nervous.
And misery loves company, soooooo....

Who wants in???


  1. This is the perfect time for a ban...the spring summer season is well underway and you probably have all you need or can wear already. You can console yourself by planning ahead and knowing you'll be ready to pounce, guilt-free, on all the great fall stuff on Sept 1st!

  2. Sue ~ You are totally right! Although my nerves have convinced my cerebral regions to wait until July 1st to start...just in case I spot something good!

  3. I am so there, well almost there! Actually, in summer, I'm usually quite limited in shopping since the kiddies are home most of the time. It's *faaaaabulous* for my wallet. Other than a DC JCA outing here or there, I'm pretty much keeping the wallet closed. And to show you how well I've started - I have received the June & July catalogs in the mail, and never went to the store to pick up a copy. That must be a good sign, right? Besides, I think I really really really want to save my pennies to finally get a pair of Hunter boots and TB Revas in the fall, so I better stop spending now. :)

  4. Oh, I really want to commit with you. I probably need an intervention. Can you come over and throw everything with tags on it out of my closet and in front of my face and make me face my addiction?! :)

    But Sue(reBloomer) is so right, the season has started and there isn't anything more I need! I just want to pick up that green dress with my anthro gift card and then I'm with you. Wait... I sound like a druggie saying I just want to use one more time before I go to treatment!

    Right now I have my foot on the pedal and will press shortly!

    BTW, GREAT brick walkway up to the front of the house. Your husband is very good!

    And, LOVE the layout of your blog!

  5. First i want to say that your house is so beautiful you have well manage it and second thing is that i cannot donate any thing to someone i just like to donate in cash.

  6. I'm half with you on this. I'm like Pamela - I think I need a shopping intervention (but I my stuff on sale, doesn't that count?) but I may take out the town if I need to quick cold turkey.

    I totally support you on this though - and hopefully you can inspire me to be better with my wallet.

  7. Heidi ~ I always think about how if I didn't make that little purchase here and there I could wait and make a bigger one.
    Maybe one that involves Jimmy Choo or Louboutin.

    Pamela ~ I will totally support you if you support me. And shopping with gift cards is equivalent to a get out of jail free card!

    Lisa ~ Buying on sale is always the clincher, because it makes me feel less guilty. But as my wise husband once said, "Buying something for $10 7 times a week is no bargain."
    Sometimes, just sometimes, he is slightly smarter than me.

  8. I will try to join you on this ban! Also, your paver walkway looks amazing! Great job.


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