Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shopping My Closet ~ Dressed

Officially, I have set July 1st as my shopping ban start date.
My intentions are to not shop until September 1st.

Keep in mind I said "intentions"...

I truly intend to do my best at this.
And today's outfit is an example of the ingenuity of making do with what I already own.

About a week ago, a customer approached me at work with our most recent mini catalogue we mail.
The model on the front had on a shirtdress.
Upon closer inspection (and as this customer pointed out), she had a sparkly tank dress layered underneath!
Imagine my surprise at this and the realization of how absolutely adorable it looked!
I own quite a few shirtdresses, and truthfully, since that day, I have been looking at tank dresses at work trying to decide what I could layer underneath one of mine.

Why does my brain instantly start thinking it needs a new thing to complete the outfit!
It is as if my brain goes there by default.

Anyway, with all these new resolutions/realizations, I thumbed through one of the closets and pulled out this shirtdress I bought at Limited about 2/3 years ago.
And this polka dot dress I recently wore here, but have had in my wardrobe for close to 15 years.

I originally wanted to wear the dress with only one or two buttons in the middle actually buttoned up, but the skirt was way too voluminous and just looked sloppy.
But I have a black shirtdress and another polka dot dress that might just pull off that trick....

polka dot dress: limited
shirtdress: limited
necklace: express
bracelet: ny&co red label
shoes: michael kors


  1. Very interesting! Must do that with some of my shirtdresses!

  2. I'm going to try a shopping ban for July. Try, mind you. Usually when I say that I usually achieve a shopping slowdown, but hey, anything helps!


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