Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Short Story From The Weekend

Bermuda shorts might just be my very favorite shorts of all.

Hovering right around the knee area, they elude a mysterious sort of sexiness just like the pencil skirt does.

Especially when paired with heels and dressed up.

Just like the pencil skirt.

Now, I know you may be surprised to hear me saying that.

You know, since I am always complaining that God gave me mini tree trunks for legs.

And you may even be more surprised that I would wear them given how short I am.

And that I just told you how I lust for maxi dresses but would never wear one due to my small stature.

This weekend I wore bermudas x two.
Meaning, both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I wore black bermudas with a foil, ruffle tank and cardi. My necklace was so dramatic and edgy that it needed some basics to really set it off.
I had to work and we had dinner plans with friends right after so I wanted to wear something that would transition nicely.

I worked again today and wore what has fast become this summers favorite shirt.
These drapey,caftanesque tops that I now own in black lace, gray cotton, white sweater knit, this muted pink and a gorgeous breton stripe.
Addicted? Yes, I think so.
Dr. Drew, is that you? Yes, I do need help! Can you please make a version of Celebrity Rehab called, Non-Celebrity Rehab for Shopaholics and Blog Users???
For so many years, the button up shirt with the collar popped up has been almost like "my trademark".
Lately, wearing these flowing tops and the many caftans I have been accumulating has become my "look".
The off the shoulderness of it all adds that little bit of sex appeal?
Who doesn't want to feel sexy?
Especially after someone- and- her- husband- who- shall- remain- nameless stayed out til 1 am and had to go work early the next morning?
For a shirt to achieve that, well, that's like a damn magic trick!
saturday's outfit:
cardi,necklace and foil tank: express
bermudas: ny&co
heels: bandolino
sunday's outfit:
top: express
bermudas: jcrew
bangles: one from limited, one from express
heels: ralph lauren


  1. Woooow, I love the second outfit! Sexy indeed! I can't pull off bermuda shorts -- I end up looking way too short. GRRRRRRR. I love how you compare them to a good pencil skirt, though! They definitely have similarities, though I love a good pencil skirt and can't wear bermuda shorts to save my life!

  2. Loving the looks


  3. Amy ~ Thanks! Sometimes leaving more to the imagination is definitely better for the imagination, you know?
    Now see, I think you would look adorable in bermuda shorts!

  4. Work it work it, baby. Hehe.


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