Saturday, June 5, 2010

Showered With Love

Many of you know the story that started this blog.
Three friends and co-workers who share a love for fashion and each other thought it would be fun to not shop from September 1st of 2009 until January 1st of 2010.
And as you also know, it didn't quite work out.

Angela never blogged but once.
Steph got engaged and started a new job where she can wear only black to work...not too much to blog about in that!
Myself? Well, as you know, I try to keep you entertained on almost a daily basis.

Since none of us work together anymore, our time together is far and few between these days.
Yet I miss them sooo much because they are truly some of the besties I have ever had!

Angela is expecting a baby girl in July so today Steph, myself, and our dear friend Jeneen (Neenie to us) drove into New York (Staten Island to be specific) for Angela's baby shower.

I was looking forward to having a whole day with my girls!

Driving to Staten Island

The adorable favors

Neenie (left) and Steph (right)

Angela's haul...can you believe that pile? In New York, you go big or you go home!

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous, skinny pregnant woman?

Angela and her equally as gorgeous sister Nicole

Me and Steph

Oh, how I've missed my girls!!!

I miss not working with you everyday Ang!

An ice cream sundae bar was set up to satisfy any sweet toothes lurking around.

Like me.

The venue was on the boardwalk by the Verrazano Bridge

I ebayed this Loft was new with tags and a fraction of the price....I totally adore it!

Outfit pictures completely necessary of course!

Steph is like a little ray of sunshine in my life!


  1. You make me very emotional ! But I do agree we had a great day ! xoxox neenie

  2. What a beautiful baby shower! Um, hello, you and all of your friends are so fashionable and cute! What a pretty venue. Everything looks great!

  3. I'm so glad u guys were able to come and share my day with me!!! And thank you for not putting a pic of me with the ridiculous ribbon hat on!

  4. i love you ladies more then words =)

  5. Awww...guys you make me totally fa-clempt here!!!

    Pam - Thanks for such a sweet compliment! I solely choose my girlfriends based on cuteness and fashion sense....nah, just kidding!!!


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