Monday, June 28, 2010

Staycation 2010 ~ Day One

My first day of Staycation has been amazing.

I only live a 10 minutes drive from the beach, which just happens to be the same stretch of beach that these people

went to. We just go a few miles further down,to a lesser known spots where you don't have to deal with the masses like them. {shudder}

We headed home in the mid afternoon to have an early dinner and get ready because my daughter and I had the most exciting evening planned!
We were invited to this:

An advance screening of Twilight Eclipse!!!!

No spoiler alerts here, and they confiscated all of our cell phones and cameras etc...they actually scanned everyone going in so you couldn't go home and like post things on your blog about the movie or anything....

I will say this, the movie was more "adult" than the last two...and yes, I will watch it again.

And again
And again
And again...


  1. So no JWoww sightings?

    Sounds like a great day relaxing at the beach and to have it all topped off by the movie! Fun! Sounds like beginning of a great staycation, if I ever heard one!

  2. No JWoww but I did see quite a few Snookie-ish bodies in way too skimpy bikinis...ladies,you just got to cover that crap up!


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