Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Wish List

The Alice+Olivia summer looks have made me compile my own wishlist for summer:

1. I wish I was not 5'1 and could wear maxi dresses. As it is, I envision the fabric tangling between my legs sending me tumbling down random flights of stairs. If I managed not to trip in it, I would still most likely resemble Alice of Alice in Wonderland after she drinks the shrinking potion. Odd at best.

2. This gorgeous mini is another reason I wish for long,lean legs instead of my little stubs.

3. Finally an age appropriate romper!!! I wish I could figure out how to wear it and be able to pee without stripping down naked. Any ideas?

4. I have always dreamed of channeling a Nautical Liberace look. Swoon.


  1. That romper is really quite cute! And I'm short as well, but some maxi dresses work...right? :) At least I've kind of convinced myself they do.

  2. Awwww, I love the maxi dress but have the same problems with them as you! Too. Short. GRRRRR.

    I love that sequined shirt, too! No ideas on how to pee in a romper without completely disrobing, though...


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