Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tut,Tut...Looks Like Rain

I was so excited to wear this vintage blouse I won on ebay from MouseVox Vintage. (Check out her is one of my favorites lately...and she is definitely girl~crush material! Thanks to Leproust Vintage for sharing her with those of us yet unfamiliar!)

After a super early morning run yesterday and actually blowing out my hair for the first time on over a week, I drove to work, sunglasses on, elated to get home and take some outdoor pics of my outfit.

As I peered out of my store in the late morning and saw no sunlight I started to fear the worst.

When I started seeing customers carrying umbrellas I knew I was doomed.

Why can't it rain when I don't feel like taking blog photos???

Why did the temperature drop nearly 50 degrees in 48 hours here in NJ???

Are these unanswered questions better dealt with by forces much more omnipresent than myself???

Not to be outdone, I set up my tripod in my living room to take some pics.

Too dark.

Fixed the light issues and then got caught reprimanding my husband.
FYI, he was on his hands and knees on our rectangular leather ottoman Austin Powers style...butt up in the air saying things like, "Why don't you do cool poses like this?"
I think I was mouthing, "You're a jerk" when this photo was snapped.
Because he was totally being one.

Back to my blouse, I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it.
Even though it is a bit boho.
I'm not a boho girl by any stretch of the imagination, but I knew I could give it my own spin.
Skinny pants and nude heels did the trick.
I didn't think I was going to wear the shirt belted, but found that it was better when I did.
Next time, I want to wear it with bermuda shorts. Most likely black.

And I totally heart winning stuff on ebay.
And I totally do not heart my husband making fun of me.
Or rainy days when I want to take blog pictures.

blouse: from mousevox vintage
pants: ny&co
heels: nine west
belt: ny&co
bevvy of jewelry i forgot to put back on after i fixed dinner and got it in the oven: target and charlotte russe


  1. Cute, lady! And I think you have a boho in you somewhere. :)

  2. Great blouse! I love the colors.
    OMG, I laughed outloud at the imagine of your hubs mocking poses! That is totally something Mr. M does!!! Men, they don't get it.

  3. HAHAHA, I love how silly your husband is! And that he caught you muttering in that last picture, hahaha! And that blouse is gorgeous! Winning things on eBay is such an awesome feeling. Also, you may not be "boho" in terms of hippie-ness, but you're definitely an independent spirit, which is boho enough to rock a boho top!

  4. Total score on the blouse. It is gorgeous and looks like it's made for you!! xo -karrie

  5. HA! The Manfriend likes to do that sort of.. stuff while I'm on the phone, usually with my mother. My go to threat has been that I will verbally call him out on it, which embarrass him loads more than me.

    The blouse is fabulous, and I've become quite enamoured with Ms Mousy as well. As in, I want those stilts she calls legs.

    ps.. I hope you didn't leave a stain..


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