Friday, June 11, 2010

When Goop Is Good

Being the ever aspiring domestic diva that I am...noting people like The Barefoot Contessa and Nigella Lawson and even Giada de Laurentiis as role models...(I actually dream of being adopted by Ina and Jeffrey and living happily ever after with them in the Hamptons) I am always excited by an introduction to a new Overachieving type like myself.

Enter Gwyneth Paltrow.

I have never been a big Gwyneth fan.

Nor have I ever disliked her.

I just never thought about her.

Her husband, Chris Martin however, is another story! I have thought about him plenty! Yum!

Did I just think that aloud???

Then I read a fabulous article with her in British Vogue magazine and learned that she is joining the ranks of Martha Stewart and the like with a new web site simply titled Goop.

Of course, I checked it out...and of course I totally liked it and now get a weekly email from Gwyneth sharing some aspect of Goop with me.

Like this video for tacos!

Or this inspiring email that just came the other morning.

I knew she did yoga and was friends with the Big M, but I've seen another side to Mrs. Martin now..(totally resent calling you that offense hubby, I still love you more.)

And me likey.


  1. I really enjoy her GOOP newsletters, too. I like when she sent recommendations of places to eat/see in different cities. Even though I may not go the places or even the cities, I liked dreaming about them!! :)

    ooooh, and I second the Chris Martin sentiment!

  2. Ah, good to hear I am not alone in my like of the GOOP. I've been a long-time follower of her e-mail newsletters and and even watched the PBS series with her, Mario Batali and Mark Bittman.


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