Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Hands On Deck At Dawn

I am a morning person.
Past 9pm you could render me useless, but anytime after 4am I am golden.
I love to get out of bed, have my morning cup of coffee while perusing the web, then jump right into my day.
Having many little "chores" done by 9/10am makes me feel like the day just lasts forever and I savor every moment of that.

This morning was no exception.
My husband finally took my bike down from it's upside down perch in the garage where it is just out of my reach.
My bike and I have a long standing relationship.
She is about 12 years old and one of my most loyal friends.
Other than my son, she has lived with me the longest.
She doesn't have a name, because I don't ever name inanimate objects, but I love her so.
Give the old gal a tune up now and again at the bike shop, and she is as good as new.
I jumped on her and headed out around 6 something this morning.
It was so humid...I could feel my clothing begin to stick to my skin as soon as I stepped outside.
The wind was strong, but I am always up for a challenge.
Too bad it is also garbage day...and the strong wind coupled with the humidity and a few miles of garbage cans was a little more than I could take.
Quite possibly the most nauseating bike ride ever.
But I endured and worked out my lung capacity in the meanwhile.

This was actually what I wore on Saturday to work.
The jacket had great military detail ,but blended with navy blue and wide leg white chino's...made it very nautical as well.
Yellow wedges maintained the nautical sensibilities and kept the look fresh and summery.
The jacket is a soft cotton, almost like a sweatshirt...perfect for those arctic blasts of a/c that I can barely handle.

jacket: express (currently 40% off! and yes, I bought this before my shopping ban!)
chino's: ny&co
wedges: tommy hilfiger


  1. OMG this is beyond fabulous!!! Also, the lighting is great. The red side of the house with the white and navy. Great outfit, great photo, great hair. Love it.

  2. Sarah ~ Wow! Thanks so much!
    And I was looking at these thinking, it is time to retire those pants since I wash and wear them so much they are starting to become floods!


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