Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All The Reasons Why...

So, as you know, I had to go back to work today.
Truthfully, it wasn't bad...the days zoom by for me and it was nice to see my managers and sales associates again.
They had a successful week in my absence, and as a wise man once told me, "The true sign of how good a manager you are is how good your team does when you're away."
Heavy, huh?
Well, if that old adage stands true, then my team made me look like a rock star whilst I lay on the beach and beside various people's pools all week.

As you all also know, we are still experiencing a mighty heat wave here in NJ, as are so many others around the nation.
Today I wore a lightweight, silk military inspired button up (love me some military!) (I bought before this whole no-shopping thing began) with my trusty old pleat front, pegged trousers.
Although I sprung out of bed at 5am every morning last week, today it wasn't as easy for some reason, thus another lazy bun.

This afternoon I was running the sales floor from 2-4 when I was approached by a customer who asked if I was Eleanor.
I confirmed it right away, although a part of my brain quickly thought "Uh-oh,I hope this wasn't a disgruntled customer who was waiting for me to get back from vacation to complain to!"
Yes, I thought all of that in less than 15 seconds too! I'm a quick thinker!
As it would turn out, she wanted to tell me that she loves this blog, reads it all the time, and had figured out which mall here in NJ I work at.
Don't worry, she works there too, she wasn't like, hunting me down or anything!
It is the strangest, yet fuzzy feeling to have someone recognize me and actually share how they enjoy reading what I write!

I have to be truthful, there are times I watch the "followers" count on other people's blogs skyrocket in the 1000's.
I read blogs that average over 100 comments a post.
I sometimes wonder what is so enthralling about someone who wears a flower printed vintage dress in almost every single post they create.
I see people wearing merchandise they get for free just to post about it.
And even though none of those are reasons I started writing this blog, I sometimes wonder why it is that some blogs that I think are fantastic have only 20 some odd followers, while ones that are so typical have bazillions.

Today I was reminded of why I do this...
Because those 1 or 2 comments I get mean the world to me.
Because my 62 followers and all you lurkers (I've already met two of you!)are the bestest in the world!
Because of my blog I made a friend in Wisconsin, a friend in Boston and so many others I can banter back and forth with.
Because I love standing on the side of my house taking pictures of myself while the neighbors wonder "What is wrong with that woman?"
Because blogging is really a lot of fun.
And because someone told me today that they enjoy reading what I write.
And I enjoy writing.

So thank you Randy, for introducing yourself and making my day.
And for reminding me for all the reasons why I do this.

military shirt: express
pants and belt: ny&co
shoes: michael kors


  1. Ooo yay! I am your friend in Boston. Haha. So cool to meet a follower. I suspect you will get even more as your "shop the closet" outfits continue. A total inspiration.

  2. Eleanor, I just discovered this type of blog in the last few weeks and yours is one of been lurking around. :) I love the outfits you put together. They are polished and real. I'll be back!

  3. The shirt is so fabulous! I love that even with military detail, it has a sort of sheen to it, very chic. How awesome that you were recognized from your blog!!!! Making friends and sharing ideas is really what keeps me blogging, I think it is so very rewarding.

    I often get bored (and also perplexed with the # of followers) with some of the well-known blogs, as many of them don't bother trying new things, or DIY, or are wrapped up in the whole "sponsor" thing. Chalk it up to them being a little younger than me, I don't know.. Also, it is unsettling to me that some women have their significant others following them around. There is a word for that, but I won't mention it here. :) I'm glad that they are doing what they want, but I'd rather read and get ideas from inspiring and independent women like you. I decided a few months after I started blogging that I was just going to be true to myself and not worry about the number of followers. It is nice to hear that you feel the same way. I totally fail at popularity contests :)

  4. I have been a follower of yours for about a week now. I really enjoy your blog! I TOTALLY agree about what you said. Blogs are supposed to be a passion of writing/sharing things you love with the world. I'm humble and even if I have one follower, I think it's pretty cool that there is one person out there that enjoys what I write!

    (The Pretty Pauper)
    Feel free to check out my blog :)

  5. Sarah ~ Of course you're my friend in Boston! Ever since I saw you featured on Atlantis Home, I have loved your blog and been a dedicated reader!

    Stacey ~ Thanks so much! Polished and real....I love that...truly a compliment!

    Megan ~ I know (about the shirt) I had to have it as soon as I saw it!
    You can never go wrong with being true to yourself...I think back to when this first began, and I kept plugging along even with never getting one comment at all!Because, again, that is not why I started doing this.
    Oh sure, who doesn't dream of staying at home and blogging all day as their full time career? But I didn't start writing a blog because I wanted to be sponsored,or thought,"I need to have a million people follow me online."
    And as long as we continue to enjoy this, that is the important part!

    Pretty Pauper ~ I just started following your blog too! Thanks for the comment!

  6. holy moly... IT IS ANOTHER BLOGGING ELEANOR. we should start a club! :) xxx

  7. I feel the same way you do! It's so much fun to see so much creativity across the board on blogs-from fashion, to the home, to everything! That's why I love checking in with my friend from Jersey-YOU! You are so creative with what you write about and I know every post will give me some type of inspiration (no pressure!). It's so cool that a reader found you IRL! Next time I'm out east, I'm hunting you down!! I'll scour every mall and as long as security doesn't arrest me, I'll stop in and say hi!!!

  8. Love the outfit and welcome back to real life...don't you wish staycations lasted forever?? I thing that is really great that you were recognized for your blog....I think you'd be hard to miss ;) I love the blogging community and all you add to it!

  9. Lurker here. Sorry! I'll follow you straightaway. You're right, some of the best blogs don't have many followers. You have a Sydney friend here.

  10. Eleanor ~ Only if I can come to Ireland to be in the club! Maybe you are just the cooler, Irish version of me??? Although I am Irish...oh, now I'm just confused!

    Pam ~ You wouldn't have to hunt me down...I'd meet you at the airport! Then I would show you all my favorite haunts, have some drinks, and sit on the beach!

    Debye ~ Thanks so much for such a sweet comment! Especially since I read all of your posts and think, "To be as gorgeous as Debye, and have twice as many kids as I already do!"

    Maxabella ~ Yeah! I love me some Aussies! Welcome aboard!

  11. Delurks to say that I prefer to read blogs from the website than by "following". And yours is one of my very favorites!

  12. Tessa ~ Me?!?!?! Really?!?!? Thanks so much! You can resume lurking now... ;)

  13. Love your point of view on blogging, and of course I totally agree. I have met a couple of people who read my blog, but don't follow, and I'm always kind of embarrassed at first, I don't know why.
    Blogging is good clean fun, and I've really enjoyed yours since discovering it !


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