Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Avon By The Sea

Early this morning I received a phone call from my good friend Jeneen who was wondering if my daughter and I wanted to join her at the beach in Avon By The Sea,NJ.
Ironically, Avon is where my family summered when my mother was a child.
Originally from Brooklyn, my grandmother and her sister Eleanor were the only two who lived at the New Jersey shore.
Her sisters and their families (my Nanny was the baby of 14!!!) would rent homes in Avon to escape the city for the summer.

We jumped at the chance to go!
Avon is such a quaint shore town...my daughter and I drove up Route 71 so we could pass through all the seaside towns like Spring Lake, Belmar, and Lake Como.
It was an amazing day, spent with one of my favorite people!

I just love all the adorable beach cottages with their awnings!
It is almost too dangerous to drive up and down the streets because you can't help but stare at every single home!

Thanks Jeneen for such a wonderful day!


  1. That looks lovely! I live through preschool and kindergarten in Belmar, NJ. All I can remember from it now was the awesome beach, the really nice park and pond and the Easter egg hunts the town used to hold on the beach for the kids! Ah, and I had a rainbow-striped one-piece back then, good times. I don't recall any fist-pumping though.

  2. Lisa ~ What a small world! Fist pumping is usually more prevelant a little further south. Like, right where I live. The beach in Avon was filled with nothing but families.

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  4. Lisa ~ Although on second thought, there are many fist pumpers in Belmar too!

    Rinkesh ~ Thanks for stopping by! This seems to be the summer of visiting my neighboring towns and such. I will certainly share more, because despite of all the NJ jokes (and the people that cause them) it is a really pretty state (in places) with a lot to do!

  5. 1/ These pics are gorgeous
    2/ you are rocking that swimsuit, love
    3/ love the tat!

  6. Love the boat photograph. Looked like a gorgeous day. What a fun little girl trip. My mom is coming today and we are going up to Cape Elizabeth to see my sister! Girl trips hurrah!

  7. Spent the day there last week, I usually do LBI but this was lovely we will go back, its a short drive from bergen county.

  8. Maxabella ~ Thank you! That is my go-to bathing suit of this summer!

    Sarah ~ I think you live the life I want to lead. Can I be you when I grow up? You know how I feel about Cape Elizabeth!!!!! Have an awesome time!

    Anonymous ~ LBI is a pretty hefty drive from Bergen! Avon is nice and has a nice vibe to it like LBI does.


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