Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Between The Storms

We had sporadic bouts of intense rain on Tuesday, and inbetween the sun would shine again mercilessly.
Now that summer is here, I struggle to find things to do that entertain both a 15 year old male and a 7 year old female.
This is no easy task.
We settled on a movie, the 7 year old insisting it was Eclipse, while the 15 year old insisting it was in a theater a town or two away.
So he wouldn't be spotted with his mother and sister.
Luckily, the nicest theater in our area is outside of our town limits, so all parties involved were satisfied.
Well, maybe not the 15 year old, since he said it was so boring he was trying not to fall asleep.

I was wary wearing such a light, sleeveless blouse in an air conditioned theater...but I was comfy.
Even though I actually have a total of 3 tops on...a nude bra cami for decency,a sheer,silk cami in cream to coordinate under the sheer blouse.
Actually, this whole outfit was easy, the perfect "what do I do all day with kids who have no school" kind of outfit.

I asked my daughter if people would think I was Team Jacob since my tattoo is also circular and on the same arm and in the same general locale, she just said, "" and the other just shook his head.
So much for entertaining the youth.

blouse: express
jeans: ny&co skinny ankle
sandals: banana republic


  1. Funny story. Your son is a good sport for going along. Secretly, he might have liked it?

    Theaters are always so darn chilly. I always end up bringing a sweater or something. I suppose they don't want you falling asleep and snoring or something :)

  2. I have two teenage girls, they are still okay with going out with me, guess thats the difference between boys and girls. Although they would not let me anywhere near Twilite with them.

    I love your top. I just went and bought 4 different ones with elastic at the bottom because I think they flatter my figure.

  3. Pam ~ I think he secretly did, because why was he willing to go? But I can only ponder those things here...if I said them aloud, forget it...he would never go anywhere with me again!

    Lesa ~ Yes, I find a big difference between boys and son won't even drink out of the same cup as me. I think I must have cooties of something.
    I love this top too, although I felt like the elastic rode up quite a bit.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. HAHAHA. Oh man when I have kids, I want to be like Roseanne (not weight-wise) and embarass my kids any opportunity i get!
    You do not look old enough to have a 15 year old missy! You are such a hip mommy in this outfit!!!!


  5. Emily ~ Thanks! Sometimes after I take pictures I look at them and think "Gosh, I look sooo old!" that maybe I will need botox after all...(just kidding no botox for me!)
    On a serious note, having a child young (20 to be exact) was a real test of self discovery, and it took me his first couple of years to figure out how to still be me while being this new persona as well called "mom".


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