Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clean & Crisp

There is no denying my love for the clean and crisp fabrics of summer.
I am a contradiction in terms with my very traditionally preppy heart and bad-ass rocker soul.
However odd that is, I cannot walk away from the perfection of a blue and white stripe, be it in linens or a vintage dress.

I found this dress at Goodwill months ago.
Off it went to the tailor to be shortened and more "modernized".
This is no perfect fit...the dress is about 8 sizes too big, but belted and bloused on top...layered with an essential white ribbed tank...it stripes my heart with happiness.

dress: goodwill
belt: ny & co
napkins: homegoods


  1. LOVE that dress on you, and it is great how you made it work and saw its potential on the rack.

    Looks like your legs have turned burn back into a rad tan!

  2. I love this look and the horizontal lines of the stripes against the vertical in the neckline. Great find!

  3. Cute dress and a great length on you. Fresh look :)

  4. Lisa ~ Thanks! I am more tan this summer than I have been in years and years. And yes, I know it is very very bad for me, but you didn't think I could live here and not have a little teensy bit of Jersey Shore in me now???

    Kristie ~ I never even realized that...but once you pointed it out I was like, "Wow,I'm a natural stylist at heart!"
    Or not!

    Mara ~ Thanks so much for stopping by! No one can deny that fabrics like this are the quintessential summer fabric!

    Stylestance ~ When I actually took it to the tailor, I just folded up the bottom and took a guess at length (I know, $18 for hemming and I guessed at it...not always really thorough in everything I do!)

  5. Oh I love this dress! good find! It looks so good with that sunkissed skin of yours!


  6. Emily ~ I am ridiculously sun kissed this summer and when I am old and my skin resembles leather I shall recall your sweet comment and smile at how it looked so good once upon a time!


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