Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cruel, Cruel Summer

Seriously, could it get any hotter?
It must be hotter than Hades here in NJ lately and I am not kidding!
The heat zaps all my energy...and since today was the last day of Staycation 2010, I wanted to have a little more motivation than I ended up with.

Yup, it is sad but true.
Tomorrow I venture back out into the real world...back to work and back to the temptations of the mall.
I am proud to say it has been almost a full week and even with all the Target runs I made, I have not purchased anything for myself at all since July 1st!
Not that it was terribly hard, since I was terribly busy and not gazing down lovingly from the 2nd floor of my mall at JCrew.
Or walking past shoe stores on break.

Due to the intense heat (hubs said it was 107 in his car today) I pulled out this sundress I bought a few summers back.
It was really too hot for accessories, or even brushing hair (as you can see by my lazy bun) but I couldn't help myself but pull out this beautiful necklace I bought the same summer as the dress.
Despite the temps, I found it was too tempting not to pair chocolate brown and turquoise...because like me and shopping...they work very well together.

dress,necklace,flip flops and sunglasses: all happen to be old ny & co! talk about poster child!


  1. Back to the old grindstone, huh!?

    I love brown and turquoise together. I also love the v in the back of the dress. Just as cute going as it is coming!

  2. Pretty dress! Exactly the kind of outfit that's needed to survive in a heatwave. We're having the same blast of heat in Toronto Canada. It barely cools off at night and our central A/C needs to be supplemented by standalone A/C. Yikes!

  3. Thanks Pam!

    Thanks A Bigger Closet! That is brutal...having to have back-up a/c!
    Since the heatwave began, hubs has decided that our next home improvement includes adding a second a/c unit for the upstairs and replacing our single unit with a newer more efficient one.
    Damn this heat! I thought my next home reno would involve Viking ranges and Sub Zero fridges!!!


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