Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deeper Still

The other day I received the new JCrew catalog in the mail.

A momentus day it would have been if not for this shopping ban I put myself on!

As I thumbed about a 1/4 of the way through, my eyes fell upon an outfit that I knew I had to have as soon as I saw it.

photo from website...not as pictured in catalog

A polka dot wrap shirt layered under a ruched cardi with jeans and pearls.

So my wheels started turning and I realized I have some very similar pieces and could recreate the whole thing a la Eleanor style!

My cardi is ruched in the front as well but with a chiffon layer. I have never worn this cardi and bought it a few years ago.

The polka dot button up doesn't have a tie since it is clearly not a wrap shirt, but paired with this satin bow belt I thrifted for $1 (new with tags!) last year and have never worn either, it gives the same effect with a little more drama.

A multi strand pearl necklace in gray was the perfect accessory to top it off with...and I wore boyfriend jeans since they just felt right.

Now....for some advice....

This Sunday my company is offering all employees a one day extra discount (combined with our already generous discount which = bargain of the century!!) to kick off the start of 3rd quarter sales and give us a chance to snatch up the newest fall styles.

As the store manager, I do feel it is important to "represent" the brand.

And obviously there are a few things that I would love to own....

So, for the sake of team I break the ban for one day only to only shop in my store???

To be a team player...

To help boost sales...

To give me that sweet, sweet rush one gets when buying new stuff...

What do you think I should do???

cardi and cami: ny&co

polka dot button up: limited

satin bow belt: thrifted banana republic ($1!!!!)

boyfriend jeans: express

sandals: bandolino

pearls: limited

sunglasses: express


  1. I like this ensemble better than the one in the magazine picture. I love the bow belt, how cute is that. Love Mom

  2. Mom ~ To be fair, they have it styled much nicer in the catalog. But thanks anyway Mommy, I can always count on you to think I'm perfect! :)
    Only 13 more days until I see you!

  3. Haha, I agree with your mom too. I always prefer the crisper true whites to the antiquey ivory - that color doesn't always work on everyone.

    And the best part is, the whole outfit was free.

    As for the shopping thing, I think of the discount thing as one of those "voluntary contributions" some big companies sometimes do that really aren't voluntary. Maybe just keep yourself to only one new item, as a gesture of support.

  4. This outfit looks fantastic on you. As for the store discount, I agree with Lisa ... allow yourself one item to show you're a team player, but anything more and you might feel bad about it later :)

  5. SHOP. It's your civic duty, not only as US Citizen in an effort to stimulate the economy, but also as a proud employee that wants to continue to represent the brand in the awesome way that you do.

    I want your entire outfit today.

  6. Lisa ~ I always feel some sweet satisfaction at recreating an outfit with my own pieces. I think sometimes it is just too easy to run out and buy new pieces. Thanks for the advice...I'm still undecided!

    Stylestance ~ Thanks so much!The only problem with selecting one item is that I'm not sure which piece I would choose!

    Pamela ~ I've said it before and I'll say it again...I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK. I think that is why I consider you one of my cyber are just soooo damn clever!
    You could borrow the outfit if you like...

  7. I think you should break the ban for one day. For the team and yourself! You have been good!
    BTW, love your blog!
    Good shopping!


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