Friday, July 9, 2010

Eleanor, Put Your Boots Back On

Today I wore what can only be described as my "rocker" dress. This dress is harcore, with burnished grommets all over it and a racerback to add a little edge.
For those of you who have been reading this for a while, you probably know that I used to be quite the punk rock chick from the 80's into the mid 90's.
And if you are one of my newer followers (welcome aboard!) you can see for yourself here. And here.

You're not going to click unfollow now are you? Cause even though some of you just arrived, I'd miss you for sure!
Anyway,this dress brings back the memories of the edgy Eleanor...and I love wearing it.
It completely required messy hair,sky high heels and chunky, chain jewelry.
And it brings back memories of hanging out in bars in NYC with bands like The Damned, holding Joey Ramones tea for him after a show, meeting Bjork when she was in The Sugarcubes and so on.
So in homage to my younger days, I wore the same sports bra I slept in all night and didn't wash my hair this morning.
See? I am still quite the rebel (at heart!)

dress: ny&co
denim jacket: ?
bracelet: limited
earrings: target
shoes: nine west

P.S. The title of this post is actually an amazing song by Franz Ferdinand that my 7 year old thinks they wrote just for me, because, you know, her mom used to be a rock star in her mind!


  1. This is why I love reading your blog...

    You find great fashion and style without always needing some ridiculously expensive designer name items.

    I love finding good style at places like NY&CO and Target and The Limited. Plus you always bring in such personal little fun items.

    Keep at it because I love your blog!!!

  2. What a great post, now I seriously want to listen to the Pixies and try different shades of Manic Panic!! Your family is so adorable!!

    Oh, and I don't live in Jersey, but every once in a while take the train up to Jersey City from Baltimore to meet with my boss. If I'm there again, we should totally meet up and compare who loved Violent Femmes the most.

  3. I love the dress and jacket combo. Very cute!

    (The Pretty Pauper)
    Feel free to check out my blog :)

  4. You look so pretty in this outfit. Amazing! I love the punk and pretty together...did you get compliments galore today? :)

  5. The Richardson Family ~ Thank you so much! There are times I wish my budget afforded more labels,and then again I sometimes think that if I followed a quality over quantity rule, I could throw a pair of Choo's in now and again! where the highest end store is Nordstrom! You succumb by default!

    Megan ~ Pillarbox Red was my favorite Manic Panic color and what 14 year old wasn't totally badass for listening to The Pixie's Nimrod's Son and such???
    Oh, and I'll take you up on the meeting up offer and let you know that I have seen the Femmes live! In the 90's of course, but nonetheless!

    Amanda ~ Thanks! I have to wear the jacket over it to work on 2 accounts:
    1. It is seriously cold in there!
    2. Not too professional to have the tattoo on is my golden rule of work ethics!

    Dina ~ I agree about the love of punk and pretty! Although this is about as "punk" as it gets for me now, in my "old" age and all...thanks for stopping by!

  6. What a cool combination!

    You lived my dream life in the 80's and 90's. While you were holding Joey Ramone's tea cup, I was at home watching him on VHS in Rock and Roll Highschool, wishing I could be PJ Soles.

  7. Pam ~ Thanks! He was such a sweet,sweet man...and tall as all heck!
    I saw them play at City Garden's in Trenton NJ when I was a non-driving high schooler.
    City Garden's hosted shows by Nirvana,Green Day,etc long before the world knew these bands as they do today!
    I was getting crushed in front of the stage, but since I was such a frequent flyer there, the bouncers let me climb up and sit under Joey while he performed. (best seat in the house!)
    At the end I noticed he had a piece of paper taped to a speaker saying what his opening comments were. I snatched it off that speaker and ended up having all of the Ramones sign it after.
    Thus the need to hold Joey's tea.
    I almost ebayed it a few years back, but since my son and hubs were apalled, I decided to hold on to it for posterity's sake!

  8. Gorgeous! Love the photographs. Do you do them on a tri-pod or do you have husband help?

  9. Sarah ~ All tri-pod! If I can stop shopping long enough, I am hoping to buy an SLR camera!

  10. Eleanor, you look gorgeous! I love how you soften the edgy dress and high heels. It's beautiful layered with the jean jacket and I'd love to see some pics of you "back in the day" with the raw rock 'n roll look!

  11. I like edgy Eleanor..... cute dress, edgy but not, angry. Does that make sense.
    Thanks for your funny comment about abusing brothers, my husband was killing himself over that one...

  12. Dea ~ Oh my goodness, how sweet! Thanks! If you click the links you can see some old,but goody pics of me many,many moons ago!

    My Edit ~ Totally makes sense. You stopping by and commenting is a huge thrill since I stalk you relentlessly!

  13. oh my goddddddddddd I had no idea, this is amazing haha. I guess my half shaved head is a decade too late lol. (altho in the late 90s I DID shave my head... yeahhhh im cool too I swear!!!)
    those posts were so fun to look at. Dont you just love the fact that you can go back and say I DID THAT, I WAS BRAVE! I think thats a better way of looking at it than "oh what was I thinking??" altho I do that too... but its so fun looking back and seeing the transition. I should do a my hair throughout the years post.
    I need more edgy Eleanor!!! :)

  14. TNKFashion ~ heehee scout's honor to deliver a little more edge...
    I love looking back at my past and even sticking my nose ring back in now and again just to keep the kids on their toes.
    "Uhhh...Mom....?What is that in your nose?"
    Never gets old....


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