Saturday, July 24, 2010

Island Beach State Park

On Thursday I packed up the car and dragged both of my children back to the beach.
My mother in law is in town for her annual visit, so we met up with her and my sister in law, niece and nephew for another day of sand and surf.

Island Beach State Park is only a few minutes from my home.
It was closed the prior week due to an abnormal amount of shark sightings.
We were allowed in the water which was great, because it was as warm as ocean water could possibly be, and there was a sand bar that went out for a good 1/2 a mile, which meant the water was only waist deep.
The water was also crystal clear, which was nice and made me feel a little better to be able to see what was swimming around me.

We spent the day jumping waves with my daughter and niece but did feel a little creepy as helicopters scanned over the water and pairs of lifeguards rowed up and down the coastline just out past the swimmers.
I watched Jaws wayyyyyy too many times to not be wary about the ocean.
In fact, 2 years ago on our vacation in Emerald Isle, NC there was a minor shark attack while we were there about a mile up the beach from us.
Hell, as a kid after seeing Jaws I was even scared of going into our swimming pool at night by myself!
A few times my son headed out past everyone else and as soon as he would turn around I would wave him back in.
I told him not to be the furthest one out there...let someone else get eaten first, right?


  1. Looks like a lovely day. As a SCUBA diver for almost 20 years and volunteer diver at the GA Aquarium I have a healthy respect for sharks. They are amazing prehistoric beings that keep our oceans healthy. I have dove with many and feel totally safe. I think the issue with shore and surfer attacks are that the sharks get confused by all they people and think they are seals...their natural prey. A non scientific analysis would have me think that being a lone swimmer would be safer than being in a group because sharks attach groups of seals, (better odds) and shark attacks are usually recorded on crowded beaches or where surfers regulate. I am not a marine biologist but my experiance with sharks and marine animals have me thinking this...what do you think?

    Sorry for the aside. If I wasn't a photographer I would be a Marine Biologist.

  2. Just re-read my post and totaly heave...hahah Sorry for my thoughts-straight to keyboard. Kisses

  3. I was totally afraid of the water after seeing Jaws, too!!! Truth be told, all these years later, whenever I've been to an ocean and am sitting in the water, I still can hear the music in my head as I see the water moving oh so creeps the hell out of me!!!!

    Unfortunately our beaches were closed Friday and Saturday due to our monsoon rainstorm. It resulted in...ready for it...sewage being dumped into Lake Michigan because the tunnels couldn't handle the 8 inches in one hour downpour. Gross, huh?

    sharks or poop? I'll pass on both!

  4. Sarah ~ Are you kidding me? I'm a shark week nerd! I love knowing the why's and hows and maybes of everything and anything, so thanks for enlightening me! Kisses right back at ya!

    Pamela ~ Ummmm.....sharks or poop...sharks or poop...I think my chances of being eaten are slimmer than being deathly ill after swimming in sewage. I pick sharks!
    I think you sent the rain to NJ now...and since there has been such a lack of it, I thank you!


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