Friday, July 2, 2010

It All Started With A Tablecloth

One day quite a few weeks ago, I was strolling through Target (alone) when I stumbled across an outdoor tablecloth for kids.
It was polka dotted in bright colors like lime and fuschia and instantly I thought my daughter should have a sprinkler party at our house with her girlfriends.
Adorable invitations were purchased and mailed, and I contacted Jeneen to borrow these fabulous large, plastic ice cream cones she scored from The Limited when they were changing out window displays.

That is a total perk of working in a mall and befriending management of other can score props before they hit the trash!

Well, today was the big event!

I had the party from 1-4 so as to not have to provide lunch, I wrote on the invite, "we will be serving ice cream and treats" so that parents got the hint.
Cupcakes were baked and iced with my homemade butter cream icing, and I scooped ice cream and let the girls fix with the toppings of their choice.

My hubby, (who I adore more than I can say) gave the yard a fresh mow, set up an outdoor bowling set, spliced hoses so we could have 2 swirling daisies shooting water and spent a full hour sitting on the ground outside filling a tub of water balloons.
Now that's a good daddy!

I purchased little glavanized pails (at Target,of course!) and filled them with Wonka candies and silly bands. If you don't have kids, don't ask! If you do, then you understand the silly band phenomenon!

I unfortunately did not take photos prior to the guests arrival, people actually arrived exactly on time!
Who does that?
I know I am always fashionably late!

For my own outfit, casual chic was the name of the game and comfort needed to be key.
A simple polo shirt and cotton skirt did the trick.

This means I have 4 whole days left of Staycation 2010.

This means, someone send this crazy OCD women back to work! She's wearing me out!

Hope everyone is having a great start to the holiday weekend!

polo: jcrew
skirt: ny & co
jewelry: tiffany's
watch: guess


  1. What a fun idea for your daughter!!! I'd probably be running through the water myself with the warm temps! What the heck was the Limited doing with the ice cream cones!? I must have missed that display!

    Have a great evening!!!

  2. It was a great idea for a party, but confused alot of the parents...they couldn't understand that we were just throwing it for fun and so the girls could get together...most parties are only thrown for birthdays.
    Me, I will use any excuse to entertain and party! And finding those ice cream cones was all the excuse I needed!


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