Thursday, July 22, 2010

Miami Vice

As I was leaving the beach on Tuesday, my boss called and asked if I wouldn't mind changing my schedule for Wednesday and meeting him at one of our stores in New York.
I trained there for two weeks when I started with the company, and totally love the staff there so I jumped at the chance.

Perusing through my closet later that night, I pulled out this white blazer I have had for quite a few years and, you guessed it, never wear.
I love the look of crisp white in the summertime, but usually only rotate between shorts, pants, button ups or tees.
While I love the overall look of a white blazer, something about having it actually on my body makes me feel like I'm trying to be a character from Miami Vice.
Crocket or Tubbs?
Not sure, just feels a little off kilter if you know what I mean.

Since I am still shopping my own closet and the whole point of that is so that items like this finally get the wear they deserve,I decided to disregard my feelings and wear it anyway.
I paired it with a simple v-neck tee and my Stella Barely Boot jeans (hey, working in a different store = no one knows you wore the same jeans 2 work days in a row!) a chunky, layered necklace and a pair of snakeskin peep toes that only see the light of day maybe twice a year.

After receiving a couple compliments on the peep toes, I realized I should break this bad boys out more often. For a 4" heel they are comfy (since I am on my feet all day) and look bad-ass with jeans, dresses, you name it.

This shopping the closet thing ain't so bad after all!

blazer: old ny & co
tee: gap
jeans: express stella barely boot
peep toes: bandolino
necklace: express
bracelet and ring: limited


  1. Shopping YOUR closet wouldn't be bad AT ALL!!! You have great pieces, there Sonny Crockett :)

    Whenever I see a man with a white blazer and tee, that's immediately what I think of-Miami Vice. Now when I see your white blazer, I immediately think of crisp, professional, and chic. Not sockless, scruff, and Miami :)

  2. Pamela ~ Although I am sockless
    Thanks, you're welcome to come visit and shop my closet anytime you want!
    Seeing a man in a white blazer and tee evokes a sense of, as you said, scruff and loafers and a little bit of dark alleyish sleaze...{shivers} not becoming by any means!


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