Monday, July 19, 2010

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner...

The title?

Yeah...I couldn't help myself.

This post actually has nothing to do with babies, corners, or Dirty Dancing for that fact.
This post is actually about jeans.
As in, finding the style that suits you best.
Since it's 11:30 pm and I just got home from work...I decided to tip toe around the house and take some pics in the dining room before I slip into something more comfortable.
Like yoga pants and a tshirt.
Although these jeans are mighty comfy...
Being a short, little stub, all of 5'2 finding jeans is not always easy.
I need short length, and sometimes the best washes and styles only come in regular.
And really now, get jeans hemmed?
Unless it is a wide leg trouser jean, why bother?
I have so many pairs of jeans it is ungodly.
Skinny, skinny ankle, wide leg, flare, boot cut, cropped/capri (only good with sky high stilettos and sexed up...wear flip flops or something else and you might as well be wearing mom jeans!) name the style of denim and I probably have a pair.
My love for these styles comes in phases...sometimes I adore really wide leg.
Sometimes not.
Sometimes I think skinny is the only way to go.
Sometimes not.
But when I found this pair of jeans called "barely boot" I think I found my niche in the denim world.
Not too flare-y at the bottom...not so skinny as to make my hips look wider than they are (goodness knows, I have given birth hips do not need to look any wider!) these "barely" boot might just be the right cut for me.
Sometimes a regular boot just doesn't look right to me unless it is paired with, well....a boot.
Sometimes skinny just doesn't look right unless it is tucked into a boot.
But barely boot just hugs the top of my heels perfectly...I ran around in flip flops with these jeans on my day off last week...and even wore them with sneakers one night working late to gut out my stockroom.
And now I am off I go...I have been up for 19 hours and me thinks me needs some sleep...
What style of denim do you think looks best on you?
jeans: stella barely boot by express
caftan top: express
heels: nine west
bangles: express & limited
ring: lia sophia
earrings: banana republic


  1. If your post title is an indication you watched a bit of Dirty Dancing when it was on this weekend, I'm right there with ya.

    I think those jeans fit you really well and like you said, are just tight in all the right places. I personally prefer a bootcut for wearing by itself is the area below my waist and above my knees are not small. But I have recently learned to love the skinny for "specific applications."

  2. Lisa ~ I actually didn't even realize it was on! lol!
    I have always preferred a regular bootcut until now...and I do have an affinity for skinny too...but as you said, in "specific applications"!

  3. Those jeans ARE great. I like the wash and the fit. Those shoes look pretty awesome too.

  4. Manecoarse~ Wow! Thanks! I think I will be wearing them until they walk themselves into the wash!

  5. Being short is such a bitch! I'm barely 5'1... I havent measured myself in a while tho.
    I have a few pairs of jeans that have been sitting in my closet for god knows how long (some 2 years maybe) because i never get around to hemming. I swore id never wear high waist... now I want high waist everything. I swore id never do skinny jeans, now i hardly wear anything else. walking contradiction=me. I really change my mind too much. its all about what i see and like on other people you know? then I WANT it.
    Are you still on your shopping ban?


  6. That whole look is divine! So cool and relaxed. I love the wash of those jeans. Too perfect...Oh and I finally put up my Brimfield photos :)

  7. Those jeans look great on you. Nice choice!

  8. Emily ~ I like you as a walking contradiction! Yes, I am still on my shopping ban! I actually have not been in a store (other than my own or Target) in weeks! Yay Me!

    Sarah ~ I have read. I have drooled. I have nominated myself as your next Brimfield partner.

    Stylestance ~ Thanks so much!


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