Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ocean City, New Jersey

On Saturday morning, my husband and the kids and I headed down to Ocean City, NJ to my aunt's house.
Earlier in the week, I got a call from my cousin Drew that he and his wife and their 5 children were here from Scituate, MA to spend the week with his mom.
That was exciting news for us as his oldest son and my son are the same age, and his oldest daughter and my daughter are too!
They just so happen to all get along amazingly ~ and we swiftly made plans to get together.

We arrived early yesterday morning so we could march in the 4th of July Parade that Ocean City hosts each year.
They had decorated a wagon for Drew's 3 year old twins to ride in.
The twins are soooo adorable that they make my ovaries ache and could actually make me consider having more children.
But only if it was twins, they were a boy and girl, and looked as adorable as these two do!
(Yes, those are my stipulations ~ you hear that up there, big guy??? Ahh, nevermind...I'm not not serious!)
My daughter was more than willing to join in the festivities.

Imagine our surprise to see that Elvis is alive and well and crooning in Ocean City!

Later in the day, some of us wandered down to the beach.
My aunt's house is only a block away ~ what a life!
You can see Atlantic City as you sit there in the sand.

My aunt and my cousin Courtney took my daughter, Courtney's daughter and Drew's daughter up to the boardwalk to get a "hair wrap".
My daughter says she is never taking her's out.
We'll see about that missy....

After a few hours on the beach, we headed back to sit poolside with those who stayed behind to have a fierce game of water basketball.
We had dinner and dessert, and after my husband and I were more than certain we had worn out our welcome, we begrudgingly left to head back home.
Oh, Staycation ~ please say you never have to end!!!!!!


  1. My sister has twins-boy and girl. Yeah, they are a lot of fun at first but then it gets old quick. Esp. when there were feedings, diapers, etc. Needless to say, babysitting was not something I looked forward to doing! :)

    And I thought we had fun parades around here with the random local celebrities from news guys have ELVIS. And I must say, time has NOT been good to him. He's looking haggard.

    Looks like a fun day!

  2. I think it must have been the REAL Elvis, because yes, he LOOKS as if it could really be him. You know, after ALL THIS TIME.
    Anyway, he made up, then sang terrible songs about Ocean City...wonder who paid him off???


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