Monday, July 26, 2010

Rain Drops Keep Fallin' On My Head

As I continue to shop my own closet, I am feeling really proud of myself that I have been utilizing a lot of things that have been hanging there neglected for ages.
For instance, this dress/tunic thing I wore to work on Sunday.
When I worked for NY&CO, everyone loved it when it arrived.
Part of their Red Label line, it swiftly made it into the fitting room with most of my associates.
But no one bought it.
I liked it, but thought "Where am I wearing this to?" and forgot about it.
When it was only $5 or so, I checked it out again and realized why no one had taken the plunge and made it their own.
It is ill fitting...too big on top and so tight on the bottom that if you even dream of eating a sugary confection the sides will split open and it will become a poncho of sorts.
However, hiked up into a mini (and I mean MINI!note the leggings!) and bloused out like a skirt/top fits OK.
For $5.

I tore the tags off and gave it a whirl.
After work and blog taking photography was completed, I decided that this dress deserves a it heads to the tailor to be reinvented into a blouse.

Stay tuned!

dress/tunic: ny&co
leggings: ny&co
heels: bandolino
bangles & earrings: charlotte russe


  1. the low back is awesome! I can't wait to see it reinvented as a blouse. I definately see the style factor in that!

  2. Pamela ~ I know, the back almost makes the whole thing! I am thinking a free flowing, maybe a tad longer in the back style top....we shall see!

  3. The tailor can give a second life to items of clothing. Great idea!


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