Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Today my good friend Jeneen invited me and Angela over to have lunch and sun ourselves on her gorgeous deck and let my daughter swim in her pool with her two children.
Jeneen lives in a neighborhood that can only be described as the place where you might find The Real Housewives of New Jersey living.

Yup. Those are some houses in her neighborhood. Crazy, right?

Jeneen wouldn't blow through 11 million though on extravagant things...she would be the sensible housewife who tells you to put back frivolous things you don't need and save your money.

Which is a good thing. And probably why we are friends.

I haven't seen her or Angela since Angela's baby shower in early June, so it was nice to be with my girls again. We all worked together for almost 4 years, so it has been really strange for me to not see one or both of them almost every single day of my life.

I wore this JCrew dress that actually can be worn as skirt too.
It looks kind of shapeless on, so I wrapped this silk scarf around under the bust to add a little visual interest and keep me from looking like I was wearing a moo-moo or something.
Sitting poolside for hours on end means very minimal accessories and flip flops are a must!
To keep it simple I just wore my thick, leather white watch, my Tiffany ring and bracelet, and nice big hoops.

If only my life could be this leisurely every day....I would be so relaxed....soaking up the sun and all the hours spent enjoying friends and family....I wouldn't even need a reality tv show to make me happy!

dress: jcrew
scarf: i cannot remember for the life of me
sunglasses & flip flops: ny & co
watch: guess
jewelry: tiffany's


  1. THAT is the way to wear that dress. It looks awesome on you and I love the scarf detail you added!!

    You mean not everyone in NJ throws a housewarming party where they rent furniture and set up a dj, bar, and deck their house out to look like a club? Huh? What?!

    You and your friends look so chic out on patio. That's what real "housewives" are all about!

  2. Thanks Pam!
    I was really happy with the way the dress looked too.

    No, unfortunately not everyone in NJ is so priviledged as to throw such extravaganzas.
    And many of us are much better behaved than the ones you see on tv!
    After hanging out in McMansionville all afternoon it was nice to come home to my cozy little abode...much more my style! (Although Jeneen's house is lovely and had my daughter awestruck!)

  3. Fabulous pool side ensemble! Looks like you are having a wonderful vacation week. I am going to the beach in Duxbury, MA tomorrow and I can't wait! Have to work all day today thought :( Happy 4th of July!

  4. Thanks for a nice afternoon ! I had a nice time and yes I'm definatley not like those "housewives" I'm normal and I work,and I clean,and do laundry and all the other stuff comes along especially with 2 kids !

  5. Sarah ~ I spent this weekend talking about Duxbury with my Boston relations! They say how lovely it is...I hope you had a great time!

    Jeneen ~ Yes, you are normal (in a loose sense of the word - just kidding!) and that is why I love you so very much! Thanks again for a wonderful day!


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