Sunday, July 18, 2010


I've got to be honest with you folks...this dress was on it's way to either a clothing drop bin or to a local thrift store.
I bought it a few years ago, mostly because I am a sucker for navy and white and fell head over heels in love with the pattern.
The cut is more babydollish, and I had started to think that the lack of shape was just not flattering enough to keep.
One day in early spring, I realized that the colors complimented a cotton, oatmeal colored boyfriend blazer that I own and I thought that layered with the jacket the dress might be worth wearing again.
So I kept it.

As I dressed this morning, I decided to belt it under the jacket to ensure there was some shape to it.
Now, I love belts, but I hardly wear them.
To continue on this string of honesty, belts sometimes make me feel fat.
There I said it.
Belts sometimes make me feel as if my middle is slowly expanding through the course of the day, and by day's end, I feel frumpy,sloppy and yes, fat.

I drool over blogs where the simplicity of a belt just makes a whole ensemble come to life, but the thought of adding a belt to my own outfits just never occurs to me.

Today was another story.
Once I had that belt on, hiked up the dress and bloused it out a bit, I actually decided that I didn't even want to wear my boyfriend jacket...the rebirth of this dress, belted,defined...even a little sexy (if I do say so myself!) was the look I was after.

It will never cease to amaze me what treasures I have hiding in my closets...

dress and belt: old ny&co
earrings and solid bangle: express
patterned bangle: limited
heels: ralph lauren


  1. I love finding the hidden treasures in my closet too! It's amazing what adding a belt to an outfit can do! You're rockin' this dress!

    (The Pretty Pauper)
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  2. Amanda ~ Thanks! I might just become a belt convert after all!

  3. This whole outfit looks great on you. I've only recently become a belt convert and I love how the completely change the look of an outfit.

  4. A Loopy Life ~ Thanks! Belts are a funny thing to me...but perhaps it is because I am short waisted and seriously lacking in the long torso department.


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