Tuesday, July 13, 2010

She's Got A Ticket To Ride...

Today sucked in a big, huge way.
I have been dying to wear these pleated shorts but decided to wait until my legs had some color on them.
I have also been dying to wear my awesome wedges, but decided to wait until a Monday (my office day) in case they killed my feet running around in them for 8 hours straight.
Better safe than sorry.
I arrived at work to find all the escalator's roped off for maintainence and the elevator broken.
So I clocked in 5 minutes late as I had to go from one end of the mall to another looking for a way to get upstairs.
Mid morning I scratched my leg and looked down in horror to see that my legs are now shedding their 2nd layer of skin, and this time it is millions of little flakes...like the world's worst case of dandruff landed on my legs.
I ended up working an hour and a 1/2 of overtime to make sure I really spent time one on one with each of my managers, but I actually felt really good about that.
Leaving work much later than planned, I was discussing what to do about dinner with the hubs on the phone when I got pulled over by one of the characters from Chips.
It could of been Ponch or John...I'm not really sure, because when he approached my driver's side window I just handed him my info in silence without making any eye contact.
I got a ticket for talking on my cell phone while driving.
As he wrote the ticket, I watched every single other motorist pass me chatting away with their cell phones on their ears.
No points on my license, just a fine.
I pulled away and what did I do?
I called the hubs back!
To which he increduously exclaimed, "You just got a ticket for using your cell phone and now you're calling me right back!?!?"
We hadn't decided what to have for dinner!

And besides, I put him on speaker phone and had the phone in my lap.
I did it hands free...which I reminded him is almost the same as a gross blue tooth thingamabobber.
And yes, he had no response.

I stopped and picked up pizza on my way and by the time I got home I was in no mood to take blog pics, but I had been dying to wear this outfit.
Which by now, no longer held it's appeal as displayed in the photos above.

The kids were dying to have us watch Up! with them since it had arrived from Netflix that afternoon and we agreed.
As we settled in and the movie began...I was delighted to see that the little girl was named Ellie (my childhood moniker and what my husband and anyone who has known me since childhood still calls me) and she was as rambuctious and funny looking as I was! My delight turned to dismay as I watched the glorious life she and her husband Carl (my husband's name is Charlie - way too close to home!)unravel as she passes away leaving the love of her life.
I dissolved into a sobbing mess that subsided periodically, but everytime Carl/Charlie would speak to Ellie the tears returned full force.
In fact, it was enough to drive Toph up from her padded perch on the family room floor to comfort her mess of a mom.
This was supposed to be a kid's movie???
This killed me like Steel Magnolia's does....every.single.time.

And that is why I didn't blog yesterday.

shorts: jodi arnold for limited
striped tee: limited
denim shirt: ralph lauren (thrifted)
wedges: baker's


  1. Ugh, sorry for the loooooooong day. At least it's over and you can recount it with humor now.

    I got pulled over for speeding once - which I was, so that was no big deal - but I got pulled over right off the exit where my office is, so I got to see all my co-workers snickering as they drove past me on the side of the road.

  2. Lisa ~ Thanks for the sympathy...I need a little! This was my 4th ticket in many,many years of driving!(19 to be exact!) The last time was in 2007 on our way home from Disney, driving through SC when I got pulled over for speeding.
    Since our last name and our street's name are almost identical, the yee-haw cop acted as if my id was fake or something!
    Regardless of infraction, it is always a terrible experience.

  3. :( offers you a hug - movies make me cry too.

  4. Tessa ~ Thanks...I needed that!


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