Thursday, July 8, 2010

Which Way To The Nearest Methadone Clinic?

Or wherever it is you go when you are coming off shopping?
As I walked through the mall this morning on my way to work,I happened to notice in the Baker's window a gorgeous pair of booties with a glorious sign hanging over it screaming, "15.99 and up!"
I just sighed.
Maybe twice.
The call of the a siren's song...

I still have not succumbed to purchasing anything,despite the temptations that surround me for 8+ hours a day.
Today to work I wore a pencil skirt that I fell in love with for it's brushstroke like print.
What child of the 80's doesn't love a good brushstroke?
On top I wore a lace short sleeve top...Gia? Remember this top? You can no longer say that you have never seen me wear the same thing twice.... :)
My favorite trio of necklaces worked perfectly thrown over top. I don't think I can ever wear one of them salsa and chips...they just sort of belong together.
Like me and my Gia.
Like the 80's and brushstrokes.
Like a shopaholic to a good sale.
Like....oh, nevermind!

top: express
necklaces & skirt: ny&co
shoes: bandolino
ring: jcrew


  1. Ohhhh love the outfit! You look so super chic!!!

  2. Thanks Lady!
    BTW, I love your new nook!

  3. I love your necklace...I am so hopeless at accessories... At last, a Jersey girl that looks fabulous!

  4. Great look! I love how the necklaces bring this outfit together. They're the finishing touch!

    (The Pretty Pauper)
    Feel free to check out my blog :)

  5. Alex ~ You mean a poof wouldn't look becoming???
    Thanks for the compliment, I mean, the competition for fabulousness here in Jersey is so....yeah. Nevermind.
    In a sea of Snooki poofs and heavy handed eyeliners, that is the bestest compliment of the day!

    Amanda ~ Those 3 necklaces reappear here time and time and time again! I think I paid only a few $ for all about cost per wear!

  6. I love a good brushstroke print. And the lace top with those necklaces! awesome.

  7. You look gorgeous. I am sooo loving that skirt and the way you made a really classic look still have your special edge to it!

  8. p.s. if you find the shopping addicts methadone-like clinic let me know. I am dying here (but still going strong)

  9. Love the lace top. I think there's such a fine line with lace tops between classic and ... not so much. You are definitely giving off the CLASSIC vibe, especially with the pencil skirt.

    Stay strong with your shopping ban - I have to live vicariously through you on that! :o)

  10. The necklace is great!!

    Stopping by to say hi!! Hope you have a great Friday!!

  11. I saw the same sign in a Baker's window today. I've been lurking for a bit, looks like I may have been in the mall you work at! I'm loving the skirt by the way - classic shape with a funky print, just my thing.

  12. Pam ~ As long as the brushstrokes are not in shades of silver and mauve, they're ok in my book!

    Debye ~ You are too sweet! I am wondering if thrifting might be the shopaholics version of methadone?

    Lisa ~ I totally agree with you about lace! There's nice lace and then there's...dare I say...Jersey Shore-ish lace...and I think you know what I mean!

    Just Trying To Save Money ~ Is this like in a Christmas Carol where you drop by because your moniker is the motto of my life???
    No? Well, I am glad you stopped by anyway! Thanks for the compliment!

    Jamie ~ Maybe you were at my mall! If you have figured out which company I work for, you should stop in next time and say hi! It makes my day!
    I love that skirt too, and now that I am on a shopping ban, I actually wear these old things I own!


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