Tuesday, August 24, 2010

As She Takes On Half The World...

Sometimes I do too much.
And in my attempts to do and be everything, things naturally get lost by the wayside.
For instance, I said something to my husband about not spending enough time together a few weeks back.
You know when you just have those "off" weeks...those weeks when you feel like two separate people just co-habitating side by side?
When life gets in the way and those times strike, it makes me long for the moments when you can look at your partner after almost ten years and still get butterflies in your tummy.
The times when you are just moving through life in perfect sync with each other.
Dare I say like soul mates?

When I told my husband we were having one of those "off" weeks he commented that I spend time here in bloggyworld during some of those moments I could be spending with him.
Reality check!

The photo taking, the uploading, the editing (in my case just means flipping them right side up) the reading and commenting on my favorite blogs all takes a lot of time.
And since I work full time outside of the home, I don't have tons of it.

While I have enjoyed this summer immensely and done so many fun things, I realized this weekend how much I have missed some of the most important people in my life.
And how I love spending time with them.

Like meeting my two month old niece Sophie Grace for the very first time

Spending some long overdue time with my brother and his fiancee who we normally do everything with. We have only seen them three times since Christmas.
Being out in public with my son in a setting where he is not embarassed to be seen with his mother.
And getting a good laugh out of how goofy my husband is!

Watching my niece Vera Elizabeth (somewhat)enjoy her very first birthday party.

This little girl has brought so much joy and love in my life, sometimes she makes my heart feel like it will explode!

Being with my mom again after 8 long months of not seeing her.
Never in my (almost)37 years have I not seen my mom for that long!

And of course, spending some time with my hubby!

Oh, and for formalities sake:
sheath dress: ny&co
stripe scarf and gold belt: jcrew
sunglases: adrienne vittadini


  1. I know what you mean! Sometimes we just need to get outside of ourselves for a bit. Your fam looks great, and your niece is beautiful.

    I am so thankful my big sis had her son (for a lot of reasons!), especially since it ran me out of excuses from not seeing my fam more often. And I'm so glad!

  2. Lisa ~ Thanks! Sometimes we need to just slow down and smell the roses...you know?
    I am so thankful my siblings have started having children of their own...it wasn't very fair that for 15 years I was the only one who provided small children for everyone to love!

  3. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing that with us. What a wonderful family. Oh...and darling outfit :)

  4. Amen sister. My boyfriend can't complain as he works late almost every day and sometimes sleeps at his mom's during the week because he works an hour away and 15 mins from her place.
    Not to mention, he works every second saturday and all this summer there have been bachelor(ette) parties, weddings, a trip to NY, etc so we've hardly seen eachother. Plus I leave at 7am and back at 7pm and all the blog/photo/reading blogs stuff takes time. Oh and with school one night a week and homework and projects. Haha it's a miracle I see him at all!
    Summer is almost over and we definitely need to enjoy it and relax a little. I love those pictures of you and the fam. Esepcially the last one with your "soulmate" so adorable!

    p.s. that maxi dress looks decent mainly because I had 4 inch heels on hahaha you can see how LONg the damn dress was. I think anyone can wear maxi dresses! (now that ive finally worn mine after 3 years of owning them...)

  5. Sarah ~ Thanks!We clean up nicely eh? ;)

    Emily ~ Life just gets in the way you know? At least if you and the BF can survive all this chaos in your lives you should be able to make the long haul!
    Thanks for giving me hope that maybe I could rock a maxi too!

  6. What a wonderful post. So true. Time goes too fast to not stop and enjoy every minute fully. Great reminder!

  7. My hubs works 6 days a week and now in the evenings too, so I know exactly what you mean. Hence my Gabriel Byrne daydreams!


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