Friday, August 27, 2010

Entertaining ~ It's A Good Thing

Come fall my husband and I begin to entertain like no one's business.
Dinner parties, our annual Halloween Party, Thanksgiving, my children's birthdays, the list goes on and on.
And you know what?
I love every single second of it.

Towards the end of the school year, we befriended the parents of one of my daughter's friends.
Turns out, they are big foodies and wine lovers just like us.
In June they invited us over for an amazing meal...they even drove to the nearest Wegman's which is almost 40 minutes away just to get the best ingredients possible as our local food stores are a little lackluster.
Now that's what I call "the hostess with the mostest!"

All summer we have tried to get together and have them over here, but our schedules just could not align.
We finally made plans to have them this Saturday night since I was to have the weekend off.
Some last minute schedule changes at work now have me working until 3:30 with their ETA at 6:30...time to panic???

Not yet...despite an almost mini meltdown yesterday afternoon, I am planned and executing according to schedule! far anyway!!!

What's on the menu?
Well, since you asked...

fruit and cheese platter
parmesan thyme crackers
artisanal bread with dipping oil
vinho verde wine

braised beef brisket
roasted red onions with balsamic and honey
potato puree (i am subbing yukon gold potatoes as there are children eating as well)
assorted red wines

devil's food cake with homemade vanilla buttercream icing

Last night I let the hubs take our daughter to soccer practice so I could get a few things done.
A floral arrangement with flowers from the grocery store. I used my utensil holder that normally resides on my kitchen counter as a vase! The rustic casualness was perfect against the table linens and dinnerware.

The children will eat in the kitchen at our island. Who wants to listen to "grown up" conversation anyway?
I used rattan chargers, plates from Target in a gorgeous golden mustard color, napkins I ordered from Pottery Barn (the monogram was not done in the right shade of blue, but it actually picks up the blues in this tablecloth I scored at Homegoods!)with Pottery Barn napkin rings and "everyday" flatware that I actually use only for entertaining.

I am working late tonight, so I got out of bed and got the cake in the oven first thing this morning.

I am not Superwoman so I used a boxed cake mix!
Crackers will be made before I go to work today.
Hubs will be in charge of the brisket tomorrow.
I have two hours to get the potatoes on, onions roasting and fruit and cheese platter assembled.
Since my husband is quite an accomplished cook himself, between the two of us we will bang it out in no time flat.

That is as long as everything goes according to plan....

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