Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Four Eyed Tagalong

Sorry for the lackluster outfit posts the past few days, but I have been a little preoccupied with my eyes.

Five years ago, I was told that I show signs of glaucoma (lucky me!) and this week has been spent at appointments having my optic nerves tested.

Luckily, my nerves have not degenerated anymore in the past few years so instead of prescription meds to keep full blown glaucoma at bay, I got a new prescription for glasses and another appointment in a year.

I have had glasses for years and years.

Ironically, I am too vain to wear them, and too grossed out by anything dealing with contact to the eyeball to wear contacts.

(Ask the nurses at the opthamologist...I'm a treat to dilate and apply drops to!)

So I spend my life squinting and straining and struggling to see things.

Glasses are worn around the house 24/7, but to wear out....well, they don't always complete my look if you know what I mean.

And as I always before function my dears!

Realistically, I shouldn't be putting anymore strain on my eyes than necessary, so I spent time yesterday selecting out new frames that might inspire me to wear them out.

Or not.

I found a fab pair of Ralph Lauren, but they had a queer little turquoise stone on them that was a turnoff.

The shape of my face does not allow for all types of frames, I need something with substance and a rounded edge.

These frames by Catherine Deneuve (yes, that stunning French actress!) were by far my favorite.

In other news, I was tagged by Lisa at Respect the Shoes to share 8 things about myself!

Thank you so much Lisa for picking me...and if you haven't checked out her blog, well, what are you waiting for?

She's adorable, well put together and loves JCrew!

What more could you ask for in a blogger?

1.If you could be any heroine who would it be and why?

Ummm...could I get a lifeline please??? No, just kidding, I guess it would have to be Nancy Pelosi since she is out to save this nation. No, really now, I am totally kidding....but that could stand in for #8 which is What is your favorite cheesy joke? No, wait nevermind...

2. What is your favorite article of clothing and why?

That's easy. It would have to be my knee high leather Coach boots. I have had them for so many years, but they are a classic so I will have them until they commit suicide by throwing themselves into the trash while I am at work or something.

3. What is one of the proudest moments of your life?

I have a proud moment everytime someone compliments my kids, but since you probably expected that, here's another one that is at the top of my proudest moments.

A former employee of mine told me once that whether or not I was trying to teach her something, she learned something new everyday just by working alongside me.

I hope fashion before function was one of those things!

4.What is your favorite food?

Well my friends, that would be anything that has seafood stuffing in it.

Happy meal with seafood stuffing? Favorite!

Corn on the cob with seafood stuffing? Favorite!

Grapenuts cereal for breakfast with seafood stuffing on top? Favorite!

Ok, ok yes I am exaggerating! But I do love me some seafood stuffing!

5. Who is your favorite Real Housewife and why?

I have never, ever watched any of those shows, but I will go out on a limb and say the one who didn't file bankruptcy after pissing away all their money because they had to live beyond their means.

6. What were you doing an hour ago?

Easy! I was watching the last installment of the Anne of Green Gables series with my daughter and husband!

**little known fact about moi, I used to wish I lived in the "olden days" and actually wanted to be Amish when I was a little girl! I am also known to drive to flea markets in western NJ and buy pretzels and baked goods from Amish people all while staring at them lovingly and wishing I was one of them!

7. Frozen yogurt or ice cream?

Soft vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles please. And yes, every time!

8. What is your favorite cheesy joke?

See #1 (I just made it up!)


  1. Ah, you're like my BF with the glasses. His vision used to be perfect but he could probably do with a light prescription now - but he refuses. He'd rather go around not being able to read street signs until he's almost on top of them than - partly, he says, because he can't stand to have anything on this face.

    Thanks for answering the Qs - does this mean you would be Amish now if they only sold pretzels with seafood stuffing? :o)

    As for the Housewife Q - unfortunately your response is so true.

  2. Lisa ~ Amish pretzels with seafood stuffing sounds like a dream come true! marketable a snack do you think that would be???

    And as I sit here and type these glasses are annoying my face too. So much for wearing them more often!

  3. How much do you look like Kate Hudson there?!

  4. Tabitha ~ Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I have spent my life being compared to Drew Barrymore so this is a first for me!


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