Friday, August 6, 2010

Historic Smithville, NJ

Every day off this summer we have been to the beach.
With all that time spent lazing about in the soft, white sand, not much has gotten done around the house.
Tuesday was spent running errands all over town and capturing the dustbunnies that were rolling through our hallways like tumbleweeds in the desert.
Yet, even with all of the catch up I played on Tuesday, I still squeezed in a quick visit with my little one to our local Historical Society Museum(my oldest is on vacation in Florida with my former mother in law).

I knew Thursday had to be spent back outdoors, somewhere fun.
The beach is now out of the question since a large sand shark washed up at one of our local beaches this past Sunday, writhing to and fro, mouth opening and closing in true Jaws fashion.
It writhed right back out to sea, but not before people videotaped it so it could make headlines on all the local news stations.
Between our family watching shark week and that experience, my little one has said, "No more beach!"
And I cannot blame her.

We have spent the past month watching all 3 movies in the Anne of Green Gables trilogy.
They were my favorite movies as a young girl, and I knew my daughter would love them too.
It made sense with all this history we have been indulging in to take her down south to Historic Smithville NJ for a day.
The "town" was really just an inn that was built by James Baremore in 1787 along a well traveled stagecoach route. But I won't bore you with details, you can read about Smithville here if you like.

We spent the day meandering through all the shops in spite of the sweltering heat and discussed how lucky we are to be wearing shorts and wondering how those women back then ever stood the soaring temperatures in petticoats and corsets.

Now, excuse me while I keep with the theme and start googling vacations to Prince Edward Island!


  1. Ahhhh. A kindred spirit :) I absolutely LOVE those movies.

    P.S. I ended up with my Gilbert Blythe :)

  2. Sarah ~ I knew we were meant to be bosom friends!!! Do you not sob your eyes out when Matthew dies??? Most of our viewing time had conversations like this: "Daddy, Mommy is crying again!" "I know, she always cries when she watches this!"
    And just like you, my kindred spirit, I spent most of my life looking for my dashing man who would read me Tennyson by firelight, but ended up with my Gilbert Blythe as well!

  3. Oooh I adore Anne of Green Gables, I can't wait until I can sit with my girls and watch it again.


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