Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Never Really Gave Up On Breaking Out Of This Two Star Town...

Life is good.
Tiring, but good.
I had an important visit at work yesterday, and it all just went to prove that I work for and with some truly great people.

This is the fatigue jacket I bought during my "relapse".
It is as light as a feather, and imagine my surprise as I began cuffing the sleeves this morning to see that they have tabs and it can actually be worn as a shirt too!
I love multi-functional!
You already know how cold I always am in a/c, so wearing a grey and white striped l/s from JCrew underneath was essential.
And not just because the stripes looked so darn good under it.
Multifunctional yet again!

Everything at work is about denim,denim,denim so I have been dutifully wearing it every day to help boost sales, and come on ladies, you know that to be shopping for jeans and see the staff wearing it gives you a much better idea of how it is going to fit.
Unless of course, you are shaped just like a mannequin.

fatigue jacket & belt: express
stripe tee: jcrew
stella barely boot jeans: express
shoes: nine west
ring: charlotte russe
earrings: target

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  1. I totally agree. If I see a someone working in a retail store wearing a great pair of jeans that I would like own, I always ask where they are from, style, etc. it's the best sales tool, I swear!!!

    I'm loving that jacket!


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