Monday, August 2, 2010

Just A Little Relapse...

I did it.
I broke the ban and indulged in the extra discount.
Actually it wasn't overindulgent at all.
Here's what I got:
1. A black quilted "lady" satchel
2. A saddle brown leather jacket
3. A fatigue jacket
4. A black cardi w/ a vneck
5. A gray cardi w/ a vneck
6. An army green and gold stud tank
7. Some assorted militiary-esque medals and pins
8. This top
Now that I can wear jeans to work, I need some more versatile tops to go with denim.
Oh, sure, I have a million button ups and tees...but a few novelty tops that are not, well, over the top would be good too.
In fact, I wore it to work today with the barely boot jeans, a cotton boyfriend blazer and black booties.
As for everything else, I really pored over my decision making.
The cardi's were a necessity since I only own rounded neck ones and the fatigue jacket is for more "indoor" wearing and so right now.
If only I had saved all my old ones from back in the punk days....
The leather jacket (not real leather) is a beautiful cognac will look amazing with riding boots I already own.
The tank top was just another great novelty piece for wearing from now until I tire of military inspired looks.
And the pins and medals?
Why they look like some old trinkets I may have thrifted or picked up at a flea market.
They are begging to be worn all together...maybe on a denim jacket....
Now that I have gotten that out of my system....back to the straight and narrow life of no shopping!
lace ruffle top: express
stella barely boot jeans: express
boyfriend blazer: ny&co
booties: style & co
sunglasses: adrienne vittadini


  1. Those all sounds like wonderful necessities, can't wait to see as they appear on the blog. You would be so proud of me. I have a party to go to this Saturday and almost purchased another dress, when I have plenty of great ones in my closet. I had is in my online shopping cart and had proceeded to check out (credit card all ready in their system) and closed the page without purchase! Yay for me. :)

  2. Sarah ~ Wow! That is some strength and willpower!
    A part of me wants to tell you to shop shop shop so I can live vicariously through you...but I know that we all will be better off if we make due with what we have!
    Still green with envy over you going to Maine....AGAIN!

  3. I must see those jackets!! Considering it sounds like you bought some very versatile pieces, I think it's okay you relapsed for a day. Relapse is built into a recovery program ;)

  4. Pamela ~ I actually put back a fur vest with a jeweled collar because I couldn't quite justify that as relapse worthy!
    I will assume you will see the fatigue jacket first, since it is very for the cognac one, it will be some time before that is necessary I'm sure! :(

  5. I love the boyfriend blazer. I almost bought one the other day from express but it just didn't fit the way I wanted it to


  6. Kelsey ~ Thanks for stopping by! Express is a fabulous store to shop in.
    But I am not partial.
    No way.
    Not me.


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