Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer, Please Don't Go Away...


  1. I'm sorry, but you can't bags summer forever. If it stays with you, it won't make it to meeeeee. Sadness.

  2. I used to dance the "bunny hop" on Thursday nights in the pavillion in your third picture. I would love to have copies of some ofthe Avon pictures. AHHHHH the memories of sweeter, simpler time.

  3. I love looking through your beachy pics every time I miss summer in the NE!

  4. Maxabella ~ Ok, fine! I'll share! I do like fall too...

    Mom ~ I would suggest taking you there to relive old times and see you do the bunny hop one more time, but that may just be too weird. Besides, the last time you tried to dance around for Ryan you wiped out and scared me to death! I take you there when you come visit...but you can just look...no dancing!

    Lisa ~ Hopefully I will have a good couple more for you before the summer's out! However, since a live shark washed up ashore here at our local beach Sunday, it will take some convincing my little one...she says No more beach!
    Doesn't really help that it's shark week on tv either....


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