Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Staples

This summer I have relied, I have existed on a few recipes in particular.
For almost 2 years now, I have tried to eliminate as many processed foods from my families diet as possible.
We are certainly not perfect, and being a mother of two, I refuse to deny my children eveything and anything that might strike their fancy.
That being said, I prefer to bake snacks for them rather than buy, cook at home rather than eat out etc. etc.
Since I am such a control freak, it only makes sense that I enjoy controlling all the ingredients that we eat.

One of my standby recipes this summer has been this Panzanella Salad.
I have made it almost each week for the past month, which is nothing considering I have also baked 4 of these pies in a month as well.

If you are like me, and spend as much money at the farmer's market a week as you do at the grocery store, then you understand why I can't help myself but make these delicious dishes again and again.


  1. that looks so so good!!! Even if I'm reading this at 6:19am!! I love making things from scratch using quality ingredients. It's hard and expensive to do it for two adults. I take my hat off to all the families that do it!

  2. wow this DOES look delicious. Might have to give this one a shot myself! fresh ingredients are the best....but I must confess I have a weakness for baked goods as well =)


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