Thursday, September 2, 2010

100 Degrees And Counting

September comes and it is still so miserably hot outside.
Indoor photos were all I could bear after I got home from work today.

Today's ensemble was inspired by a page in the JCrew catalog from either July or August and for the life of me I cannot remember which one.
Have you ever seen an outfit and you realize that you have all the items to recreate it?
Isn't it exciting when that happens???

I have been apparel uninspired lately...blame it on the transitioning seasons without transitioning temperatures.
I'm aching for fall like weather and in the worst way.
So last night, hoping for some sparks of creativity to fly I pulled out my binders of tear sheets from magazines and catalogs.
It just takes a few flips before something strikes me...and voila! Instant outfit!

sweater and bauble necklace: limited
jeans: express stella barely boot
heels: nine west


  1. you are so cute in these pictures!!!
    And I love the colors of this outfit!

  2. That's a great compliment coming from such a cute lil peanut like yourself!


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