Monday, September 13, 2010

Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle

Today marked the last day of my husband's week long vacation.
It also marked the last day of me having the past 3 days off which were much needed as I was away almost all of last week.

Hubby suggested we take our bikes to Allaire State Park after the kids went to school and spend the morning taking a lovely bike ride through the trails and historic village.
A great idea considering we do not often take our bikes out anywhere outside of our own neighborhood and let alone without the kids in tow!

We parked in a lot along one of the trails and set out.
The weather was picture perfect.

About 10 minutes or so into our ride, I noticed a trail off to our left that looped around one of the historic buildings.

I pointed it out to my husband who was ahead of me, "You know we could go down that way!"
He really didn't respond, so I amped up my speed to catch up to him and tell him.
Just as I amped up....
He decided to turn around unannounced....
Yes, you guessed it.
I crashed into him going about 20 miles per hour (remember, I was trying to catch up!)
All I remember was seeing that his front tire was unavoidable and all I remember as I flew forward over my handlebars was that my camera was in my right hand and MUST PROTECT THE CAMERA.
My right hand and the rest of my body was not a priority at that moment in time.

I jumped right back up after I hit the ground...partly out of embarassment, partly out of shock...partly because there was a few people along the for all I know I could be a viral sensation right now.

And if you find it out there...please don't let me know.

My husband's front tire was almost bent in half.
I suggested we stand on it to try to bend it back the other way.
My suggestion is met with a stare, no a glare from my husband.
But he flipped it over and tried it anyway.
And it did actually flatten it out.
Well, a little.

The bike was completely unrideable.
The front wheel would not even spin around.
Bike ride now over, he told me to ride my bike back to the car, drive it to the parking lot nearest to where we were and pick him up.
Unfortunately, I cannot lift my bike up on top of my Subaru Outback to put it in the racks.
So the decision was made that he would leave me there with his broken bike and he would ride my bike to get the car.

I summoned up all my courage to wait there on the trail by myself.
It started to feel like my husband was gone forever and I began to wonder if he was going to actually come back for me.
I recalled the traumatic story of the girl in his childhood neighborhood who jumped on the back of his Hot Wheels motorcycle when they were little and broke it and how it destroyed my husband so much that he still tells the tale to this day.
Maybe he was so pissed he would just leave me there!
Luckily,I have watched so many episodes of Man Vs. Wild, I knew I could tap into some Bear Grylls style survival skills if necessary.
Just as I started to map out where to make my shelter and decide if I would rather eat bugs or squirrels in order to survive, my husband returned for me.
I mean, his bike.

Unable to stand in the roof racks due to the tire situation, we had to squeeze it into the trunk/backseat.

I suggested we stay a little while and walk along the trails since we drove all that way to be there (about 30 minutes from home) and the whole lovely day together was over in about 10 minutes.
He agreed.
Here are some photos of our walk through Allaire Park.
Since the camera was saved.

No need, we're walking now!

Yes, maybe.

Then again, maybe not.

As for me, I skinned my left knee, have a big bruise on my right calf, my middle,ring and pinky fingers on my right hand hurt so bad that I just want to tape them together so they don't move, and my body hurts like I'm a 70 year old riddled with arthritis.

And I will never, ever make fun of my friend Joanna for wearing a helmet EVER again.

Because now I see why people actually wear those silly things.

And I just lucked out.


  1. Oh no!!! I'm glad you're okay. Sorry to hear about your husband's bike. But you saved the camera and your noggin! Maybe you could wear a glove ala Michael Jackson for your OOTD?

    The trail area looks so historic. So pretty.

  2. heyy just to let you know I have a new blog
    check it out :)

    oh and really cute blog btw!

  3. Pam ~ With the force that I hit him it is really miraculous that I only have some scrapes and bruises. It could have been much worse!

    Laetitia ~ I was wondering where you went off to! Welcome Back!


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