Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear Liam,

Sometimes I can hardly believe I have been your mom for sixteen whole years.

And sometimes I can hardly believe that you turned out so well considering I was so young and naive.

I am proud of you every day for the young man you have become.

And for the amazing "grown-up" man I know you will be.

Happy 16th Birthday to the little boy who stole my heart from the moment I first laid eyes on him.

All my love,


  1. awww, happy birthday to Liam!

    hmmmm...he sounds like a good catch. I have a neice who recently turned 16...


  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy.
    I know the time goes fast. My own son is 17, will be 18 in February, I cannot believe it.

  3. Pamela ~ Hmmmm...we may have to work something out.... :)

    DaniBP ~ Thank is such a bittersweet thing though isn't it? If they could only stay our little men forever....

  4. Happy Birthday Liam! What a wonderful post. Thanks.


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