Sunday, September 19, 2010

Divine Inspiration

Don't you find Jenna Lyons from J Crew so inspiring?
I can only speak for myself, but I am completely intrigued and awestruck by her talents.
I have begun to refer to her as HRH (Her Royal Highness) Jenna Lyons due to her widespread press coverage in the past few years.
Everywhere I look I find Jenna in the midst, and frankly, it tickles me pink!

Due to her global domination, I wasn't floored when the new issue of Town & Country arrived on my doorstep this week and of course Jenna was tucked away inside.
I gasped aloud when I saw the photo of her wearing sequins with an oxford shirt.

photo from martha stewart living (t&c you really need a better website!)

How divine!
The contrast of glitz with no nonsense simplicity sent me over the moon!
And sent my mind reeling and my hands rummaging through my closet...

And there you have it!
Everyday suburbanite wear a la Jenna!

Let me mention these jean leggings for a, I will not call them that awful "jword"...I have strong feelings about jean leggings.
If they are not tucked into boots, then no dice in my opinion.
I was a little wary about these Zelda Cargo Jean Leggings from Express at first...I mean, Zelda and I haven't always seen thigh to thigh, but I was delighted, albeit surprised, to find they were a perfect fit in my true size!
Not to mention super cute!

cardi,tank and leggings: express
oxford shirt: gap (men's)
boots: coach
ring: target


  1. Ahhh-that's more like Jenna, sequins on a blouse (or skirt) but not pants :)

    Jenna is so inspirational, whether it be her house or clothing. She's on the Martha special today! Can't wait to see to see her 8pm CST on Hallmark. Great way to use the sparkle for real life! You have a great closet to choose from!

  2. Pamela ~ Actually, I don't feel so strongly against those pants...on the right person, in the right venue...
    I agree that Jenna's home is as delightful as her style of dressing.
    She is one innovative lady.
    Thanks for the compliment, I need to "pump the brakes" again as you say and solely shop the closet once again.
    Spetember has not been frugal by any means!

  3. Great outfit! I like your take on Jenna's outfit better than Jenna's outfit!
    I have to say, I get that she is going all hipster on us with the glasses, but they are not flattering on her pretty face.

    Isn't it almost impossible to have a frugal September? ;)

  4. Your look is so inspiring. Love it. I'm going to have to try this for sure.

  5. DaniBP ~ I am in complete agreement about the glasses. Too overwhelming for such an attractive lady! No, Spetember cannot ever be frugal...especially with back to school clothing for the kiddos!

    Manecoarse ~ Wow! Thank you so much! You will have to post it when you do so I can see!


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