Thursday, September 23, 2010


Top 3 ways I can tell we are in the middle of a heatwave:
1. Hubby turned the a/c back on last night dagnabbit!
2. Fought with my daughter this morning about what she was going to wear. I wanted leggings and a short sleeve tunic, she opted for tshirt and shorts left over from summer.
3. Everyone kept staring at me as I ran my errands this morning as if I was grossly overdressed.
Oh well.

top: express
jeans: stella ultra skinny express
boots: style and co
necklace and sunglassed: express


  1. it ended up being warm here, too!!! I think I was overdressed with my pants today. At least my top was sleeveless and the office is freezing.

    But I will not turn the air back on. I'm cheap that way :) Mr. M doesn't mind either, he grew up w/o ac so one day won't kill him!!

  2. It's too bad I turned it off and opened all the windows after he left for work this morning.Poo poo on him.

  3. I'm in Tampa right now and it just as humid and hot as in the ATL - where the heck is fall?!

  4. aw I wish it were warm here! It's rainy and high of 63 here in Seattle. Your outfit is totally hot tho! - even if peeps think you're a little overdressed :)

  5. Goodness I wish I was in the middle of a heatwave!
    I really like the slouchyness of that sweater...I think I need to get some more oversized clothes! It looks great!

  6. Lori ~ I'll take your 63 degree rain and match it with (what feels like) 90% humidity,fog and my eating humble pie as I succumbed and put the a/c back on this morning.
    I mean, I need a good hair day, right?

    Natasha ~ Thanks so much! Watch what you wish for...that's all I'm going to say about that! ;)

  7. Lisa ~ I have no idea where it went to. My house is all decked out with pumpkins and fall decor...I've unpacked all my cold weather clothes...I've started making soups and stews....
    Fall, fall....WHERE ARE YOU??????????


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