Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm Like A Bird

I have admired the Miu Miu bird print for quite some time now.
Imagine my surprise when I went to Target to check out the Tucker line and found this blouse!
Satisfying my inner Ornithologist, I threw it my cart with a squeal of delight.

Only one item from Tucker made it home with me, and I was actually the most excited when I found this long sleeve lace tee that I have under the blouse.
It is a layering piece that I have been coveting for this fall because it will work under so many blouses and sweaters I currently own.
For $14.99 this baby is going to get some serious mileage.
Now that's what I call a deal.

blouse: xhiliration
lace tee: xhiliration
plaid crop trousers: loft
heels: marc fisher


  1. So I clicked over to your other blog out of curiosity and ...damn you. Not that I have any mascara to smudge, nor am I really a 'kid person' but your two notes to your children made me choke up. It doesn't help that I'm emotional right now, and listening to my new bff Sara Bareilles who was currently belting out a powerful ballad... too sweet mama.

  2. Merl ~ Awwwww, did I make Merly girl fa-clempt???
    Truth be told, I am a big ole mushpot when it comes to my kiddos and could barely see the computer screen as I typed since my eyes were so full of tears. I am really and truly a lucky lady.
    Thanks for checking out my other blog...you would probably enjoy some of the dry, tongue in cheek musings I occasionally post over there.

  3. you look big and pathetic. should have taken the porno pis 20yrs ago


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