Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ooops, I Did It Again

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I had to get up and get ready to drive out to Pennsylvania for an 8am meeting.
As I stood in front of the mirror blow drying my hair around 5:30ish, I got a tweet from my friend Pamela complaining about being up so early to.
It put a smile across my Preparation H laden face.
(Preparation H on your face you ask? Why, it gets rid of the bags under your eyes silly!)

I made it across state lines in record time and pulled in the parking lot at 7:50.
My nerves were on edge because I had a 45 minute presentation to do and one of our VP's was going to be in attendance.

My outfit had been carefully selected and at some point through my drive I realized I was wearing all one brand again from head to toe not counting shoes.
(Have you figured out where I work yet????)
You can imagine my surprise then, knowing how I try to shake things up so as not to look like someone else's clone, when I walked in and one of my peers had on the same exact outfit as me.
Ok, not really.
Different top, same color.
Different skirt, same color.
We are both blonde.
She had on a scarf.
I had on a necklace.
She wore boots.
I wore mad heels.
But we looked the same basically regardless.
How do I know?
Because people never tired of saying, "You didn't send me the pink memo!"
"Did you guys do this on purpose?"
Etc. etc. etc.
It was kind of like my worst fashion nightmare come true.

I wasn't up to do my part until almost 5pm and by then my audience was almost comatose.
When I literally stood up to walk to the front of the room, the executive team that was there stood up to leave.
They apologized for leaving just as my presentation was about to begin, but they were off to NYC for the next round of meetings.
Pressure diminished, I sailed through and was back in my seat before I knew it.

Meeting didn't end until after 6pm, then I trekked back to NJ and wasn't home until almost 8.
That's why I look so wrinkly and tired.
Who wants to photograph an outfit you've had on for almost 14 hours???

all clothing: express
necklace: express
ring: vintage
heels: marc fisher


  1. Well, maybe you had an outfit clone but I think you look fabulous!
    Eesh, what a long day. I hope you had a nice glass of wine after you took those pictures!

  2. Agreed, you have the lushest hair, I'm so envious.

  3. You look great! I CONSTANTLY dress like one of my coworkers, doesnt help we own some of the exact same clothes lol.
    we NEED to talk about the preparation H.
    Does that really work?

  4. Ahhh What a nightmare. I bet you rocked it better thought :)


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