Thursday, September 16, 2010


Not much effort here....but sometimes isn't less more???

denim shirt: ralph lauren (thrifted)
camisole: limited
pleated trousers: ny&co
belt: jcrew
heels: bandolino
ring: express


  1. This is so true (less is more).
    Love almost anything J Crew.
    You have a beautiful blog, and your photos are wonderful.
    I've been following Sarah Winchester for quite awhile. She has a wonderful blog, and is living in a city that I called home for many years.

    Thank you for visiting me!

  2. Sometimes a few gorgeous pics are all you need!

    I'm having a jealous spell over your hair, lady. How do you get it so shiny and bouncy with just a touch of curl?! Ack, me and my stick-straight Asian hair ...

  3. 1st Lisa ~ Thanks for such a nice comment! I'll be stalking your blog regularly!

    2nd Lisa ~ It takes about an hour of blowing it out section by section. The good news is I only have to wash every 3rd day. These pics were day 2 although each day takes about 20 minutes of "fixing" (with the blowdryer).
    My hair is ridiculously curly if left in it's natural state, but not the nice kind of curly...gross,icky,looks dry and damaged kind of curly.
    My son on the other hand inherited a mass of tight ringlets that make women jealous everywhere!
    When I was younger I longed for hair like yours...I guess we always want what we can't have!

  4. I love this laid back outfit. And once you add a fab pair of heels, it feels more refined anyway. Nice job!

  5. Thanks Lori and welcome!
    I love how the denim shirt is so versatile that you can do something as easy as throw on great heels and it looks like a million bucks!


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