Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

I used to abide by my own rule: No over the knee skirts after 30!
And just recently I decided to break it when I found this delicious camel mini.
It doesn't seem as scandalous when paired with tights and boots.
I knew it would match with all the right pieces....a military cardi, an old silk blouse and lace cami.
Today one of the girls who works for me observed, "It's like you just go into your closet and grab a whole bunch of things and throw them together."
And so I do.
Because another rule I try to stick to is: Put my own spin on it.

But this post is about the rules I have broken lately...
Like: Only buy sensible handbags that you will love for years to come.
All sense disappeared when I spied this lovely last night....

military sweater and cami: ny&co
silk blouse: magashoni
skirt and necklaces: express
bracelet and ring: limited
boots: nine west
handbag: braciano braciano (scored at marshall's!)


  1. You look fantastic! And can so get away with a short skirt.

    My legs are by far my best asset, so I'll be wearing short skirts for a little while to come!

    Also, thanks so much for your support on my blog. I wanted to email you but don't have an address. I appreciate it so much and have so loved getting to know you, even if you're on the other side of the globe.
    You're truly a fab person! xxx

  2. Corinne ~ Ditto! I was actually thinking about you at work today and how glad I am I found you too...I will send you my email address so anytime you want/need to drop me a line please do so!
    In the meanwhile, I will do my utmost to convince the hubs that we need an Aussie vacation STAT!
    Lots of love always for you from the ole U.S.of A!

  3. You look great in that skirt! At first I thought the rule you were breaking was opening an umbrella in the house!!! But then I saw you were outside. whew... :)

  4. way to break the rules!! :) I was just thinking, do I have any rules that I would break? And then I realized, I generally have a rule not to wear skirts that fall BELOW the knee, lol. But I break that sometimes too!

  5. Yes!! Come visit! I'm sure you and the family would have a great time!
    You never know, we may make to the States one day....

  6. So here I was all innocently loving this outfit (softly mixed neutrals, complimentary sheen and texture…), wondering what rule could possibly be being broken with it and BAM you hit me over the head with that FANTASTIC purse and knocked me off my chair with the shear Eleanor-ness of it! Delicious!

  7. …and a pox on no miniskirts after 30… :P


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