Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thrift Scores

Nothing can right a wrong like finding some seriously good stuff thrifting.
In the midst of some completely overwhelming days last week, the only thing that kept me from diving into the depths of despair was finding this amazing little fur number at one of my favorite haunts.

I was browsing around when Jen, the amazing shopkeeper, remembered that this little gem was hiding in the back, not yet out for sale and would be just perfect for me.
Gosh she was right!
Today was a day off and I decided I would treat myself to a quick spin to Jen's shop in case another treasure had arrived.
Not to be.
As I headed to my local farm market, I decided to stop into a thrift store right in the vicinity that I haven't been to in over a year.
And that would be when the heavens opened up and the angels began to sing.
For you see my friends, they were having a bag sale today.
Bag sale meaning you get a brown paper grocery bag and for $10 stuff as much as you can into it.
Like this metallic silver top.

And this vintage Dana Buchman silk button up:

And this navy linen Ralph Lauren button up:

And this oversized navy anorak...perfect with rubber boots at my daughter's soccer games!

A Calvin Klein shirtdress in a great length!

I also found a chunky knit sweater, a navy shell and a little purse.
But I didn't photograph them.
Don't want to make you all too jealous..... ;)


  1. Whaaaat?!?! There's even more!!?!?!?! First off, the fur is to die for. and that metallic shell and shirt dress?! And a jacket?! And a silk shirt and RL?! and there's more?!?! You hit the jackpot. nothing like a good sale to perk you up out of any funk!!!

  2. Looking good as always!

    I'm hopeless in thrift shops, I have no eye for a treasure amongst the trash.

  3. Love the fur, I'm planning on wearing mine later tonight and that silver top is lovely but what really annoys me is that US thrift shops and flea markets are always full of much better finds than ours!

  4. Pamela ~ You're telling me! They were clearing out all remaining stock through this sale and when I tell you the store was picked over...miles and miles of empty racks...I was shocked to have found such treasures...but perhaps that's because these such items are not what people at the "Jersey Shore" are looking for! ;)

    Corinne ~ It is always a game of hit or miss. There are many a day of driving shop to shop and coming out empty handed. Thanks for such a sweet compliment!

    Tabitha ~ I am addicted to fur like you cannot begin to imagine. I am kicking myself in the ass because I had the opportunity to inherit many,many fur coats years ago and I turned my nose up at them. Idiot!
    I find it hard to believe that about UK flea markets/thrifts. When I was backpacking Ireland I looked out of my B&B window one morning and there was a little antiques shop just outside.
    Needless to say, I had to buy an additional duffel to get all my treasures home! All I could think was how many other wonderful places had I missed in my travels!

  5. Color me jealous! But also happy for you. I have trouble finding vintage that fits me because of my height and ahem, the girls. ;)


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