Friday, October 29, 2010

All About The Shoes

Turtleneck color selected because of shoes?
Cardigan added because temperatures dropped 40 degrees overnight and the grey complimented shoe color?
Boyfriend jean to show off the gorgeous plaid?

This outfit was all about the shoes.
Brand new JCrew shoes I thrifted in the spring for a mere $10.
I assembled this whole outfit around them.

I love how I am able to stretch my imagination by wearing denim to work.
I've worn these shoes with black cigarette pants, and while they still looked good, somehow the denim gives them that much more.

What piece in your wardrobe do you find you build entire ensembles around?

turtleneck: pria
cardigan: express
belt: jcrew
boyfriend jeans: express
shoes: jcrew
earrings: old, ?
necklaces: express (2 of the same necklace to create more impact!)
ring: limited

P.S. Pam, there is proof that I do own a crazy dog! :)


  1. Love the shoes. I totally build my outfit around my shoes. They are the best part...or a cool jacket.

  2. I mostly build around shoes too, from form (I am a shoe girl) but also from function - depending on what I have to do that day. Eleanor, I want to wear cigarette pants to work but want to be sure they are not mistaken for leggings - any ideas on how to do so?


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