Friday, October 8, 2010

Attention! Attention! New Girl Crush Alert!

Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging, you know?
There are days when it is nearly impossible for me to find a minute to even turn the computer on lately, let alone drift through the vast reaches of cyberspace...commenting and perusing my way through.
Fortunately, I did recently find a few moments of solitude and with great luck came across one of my new favorite blogs...So Hippie So Chic!
We all know the old addage of French women being so effortlessly stylish and fashionable...well, this blog just validates that it is true.
It is the epitome of eye candy.
Don't believe me?
Then see for yourself.....

I swoon.


  1. Wow. Every look is amazingly chic. I'll have to keep my eyes on this blog. I'm sure to be able to pick up a couple tricks from this lovely lady! thanks!

  2. Hello Eleanor, I'm morgane, about hippie chic blog. I discover your post, and thank you so much for this compliments about my style ! I'am very happy.

    See you, here or on my blog !


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